words often confused n.
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Words Often Confused

Words Often Confused

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Words Often Confused

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  1. Words Often Confused Research and Writing 2012-13

  2. all ready, already The terms ‘all ready’ and ‘already’ sound identical but do not mean the same Does anyone know the difference?

  3. all ready • The term ‘all ready’ means completely prepared. It is slightly more emphatic than just prepared. Tip: If you can leave out all and the sentence still makes sense, then all ready is the form to use. We’re all ready for out trip. (We’re ready for our trip makes sense). The banquet is all ready. ( The banquet is ready makes sense).

  4. already • The word ‘already’ is an adverb meaning prior to a specified or implied time or as early as now. Tip: If you can not leave out the al and still have a sentence that makes sense, then use already (the form in which the al has to stay in the word). They’ve already eaten. (They’ve ready eaten doesn’t make sense.) We have seen that movie already. (We have seen that movie ready doesn’t make sense.)

  5. Directions Part I. Complete the Practice exercises on the next slide. Be certain to copy each sentence, insert the correct word (all ready or already), and underline your choice. Part II. The surest way to learn this set of Words Often Confused is to use them immediately in your own writing. On a separate sheet of paper, use each of the words (all ready, already) correctly in three sentences (you will be constructing a total of six sentences).

  6. Practice • Jayden is __________. • Most people have __________ tasted salsa and love its spicy, fresh taste. • I have __________ seen the latest play. • They are not hungry because they have__________ eaten. • She has finished her homework __________.