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Art’s Muse PowerPoint Presentation
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Art’s Muse

Art’s Muse

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Art’s Muse

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  1. Art’s Muse

  2. • Art (noun) – The quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance. • Muse (verb) – Wonder, marvel, a source of inspiration. • Art Muse seeks to promote the art form of photography and a source of inspiration that people can draw upon – a picture can paint a thousand words. • Why use wordpress? Ease of usage, nice layout and availability of analytical tools.

  3. Wordpress’s Dashboard – Allowing a quick overview of the entire blog -

  4. Wordpress’s Widgets – Design your blog by dragging the things you want-

  5. Check it out! -->

  6. Check it out! -->

  7. Check it out! -->

  8. The 3 Critical Factors For A Successful Blog • The Content Strategy • The Promotional Plan • The Blog Monetization Strategy • Firstly, the content strategy: • Photography is garnering renewed interest locally and overseas, with the proliferation of more affordable cameras and DSLRs. • Techniques and tips will never go out of trend – “timeless content”. • Demand for photographers for events, shows and fashion shoots!

  9. We listen to our fans and readers, our content is based on what they want and desire. They can contact us via email, via our blog, Twitter and our Facebook page. • They want photography guides, forums, links, a peek at our own portfolio; so we gave it to them!

  10. Our photos and portfolio was originally on another website…

  11. However, our readers preferred if we put it onto another page in our blog, so we did!

  12. And, we really appreciate the support you guys are giving us!

  13. The Promotional Plan • Our target audience include lovers of photography,the professionals and most importantly the beginners – who are looking for some guidance. • Driving traffic of the blog is done through social media (Facebook & Twitter) and traditional media (Posters for our photo shoot and blog, word of mouth generated by interested parties to keen friends). • The key for generating support is ENGAGEMENT! • Posting updates regularly, interacting with our fans and readers and organizing activities (we recently organized a photo shoot) to foster a community spirit! • Our Facebook Page is the epicenter of our communication, it’s linked to our blog and Twitter. • A one stop center for the latest news and excellent platform to communicate and interact with our supporters.

  14. Check it out! -->

  15. Check it out! -->

  16. Check it out! -->

  17. Some Statistics -

  18. More Statistics -

  19. Even More statistics -

  20. The Blog Monetization Strategy • The creation of our blog is divided into 3 phases - • Phase 1 – Creation of the blog on Wordpress. Generation of content, brainstorming for ideas, sourcing for good online forums and conducting research (By visiting those forums and related blogs) to find out what kind of content do our readers want. • Phase 2 – Marketing our blog. Creation of our Facebook Page and Twitter. Facebook serves as our center of communication, allowing our supporters to congregate and interact together. At this point, audience engagement is key. • Phase 3 (Future) – Promoting our service as photographers for events and shoots and running classes on photography. Being featured on Channel 5’s reality show on photography – Big Shot, to boost our reputation and standing.

  21. Experience Gained & further Improvements • The importance of understanding the layout of a blog – to design one that looks awesome. • Market research is crucial and essential – find our what makes our target audience tick. Locating the appropriate forums where there’s huge number of traffic. • Marketing our blog through online and offline means – engaging people and inspiring dialogues. • We can improve by further leveraging on these online or offline tools – creating Facebook ads, Targeting Specific Demographics (Under interests, people who list photography are our main audience), Organizing Events, etc. • Improve the layout of the blog, adding in more photos. Encouraging more fans to upload their own photos. • Perhaps even hosting our very own competition to drive traffic and interaction!

  22. • Important Links: • Our Blog - • Our Facebook Page - • Our Twitter - • Contact us at –