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Wacky Roadside Stops PowerPoint Presentation
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Wacky Roadside Stops

Wacky Roadside Stops

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Wacky Roadside Stops

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  1. Wacky Roadside Stops By Jillian Muse

  2. Where to stop off at: • Miami, FL • Anniston, AL • Lathrop, CA • Houston, TX

  3. Miami Florida Miami Police Museum

  4. Miami Police Museum • The Miami Police Museum is a must visit. • At the entrance, a police car is suspended on the wall.

  5. Miami Police Museum • Upon entering, you are greeted by the police car from "Blade Runner," which didn't seem in the movie to be a bright orange, but it is here.

  6. Miami Police Museum • There is a gas chamber, an electric chair, an old dungeon, a modern jail cell, and other outdated punishment devices that the Miami police seem to wish to bring back.

  7. Anniston Alabama World’sLargestChair

  8. World’s Largest Chair • In the early eighties, Miller Office Supply of Anniston, AL, built a thirty-three-foot-tall office chair in a vacant lot next to its store.

  9. World’s Largest Chair • The chair was made of ten tons of steel. • It could withstand 85 mph winds and a special spiral staircase led to its seat.

  10. World’s Largest Chair • It quickly became Annistons landmark.

  11. Lathrop California Crashed UFO If only every alien invasion was this well-received.

  12. Crashed UFO • Fortunately for the town of Lathrop, the flying saucer that smacked into the local Tower Mart disgorged nothing but fun-loving aliens and green plasma.

  13. Crashed UFO • The Tower Mart is a grocery store/convenience chain store close to the interstate ribbon that ties Sacramento and San Francisco to LA through the flat, dull central valley of California.

  14. Crashed UFO • I-5 has a speedy 80mph kind of pace, so most passers hurtling by never notice the 30 foot diameter saucer sticking halfway out of the sloping roof of the Mart.

  15. Crashed UFO • Inside, it's even crazier -- saucer men are everywhere scuttling along counters in every aisle, squeezing milk cartons and extracting the yolk from all the eggs.

  16. Crashed UFO • The other half of the saucer is visible poking through a blistered hole in the ceiling, the craft badly damaged.

  17. Crashed UFO • They won't be going home any time soon... • And why should they? The locals hardly notice now.

  18. Houston Texas Beer Can House

  19. Beer Can House • In 1968, John Milkovisch was just another retired employee of Southern Pacific railroad. • He lived in an undistinguished house in an undistinguished suburban neighborhood of Houston.

  20. Beer Can House • Then John got antsy and began decorating his patio with pieces of brass, marbles, rocks and buttons. • Then he tore up the lawn and replaced it with similar glittery debris.

  21. Beer Can House • The house itself was next. • John took beer cans and flattened them into aluminum siding.

  22. Beer Can House • Beer cans quickly became John's exclusive medium - a convenient one, since John drank a lot of beer.

  23. Beer Can House • He worked on the house for the next 18 years, adding a six-pack a day into its construction - roughly 39,000 cans.

  24. Beer Can House • He linked pull-tabs into long streamers to make curtains that chimed in the wind.

  25. Beer Can House • John passed away several years ago but his Beer Can House is still intact. • Mary, his wife, is still here, and welcomes visitors.

  26. The road has end for our trip, but visit And plan your own trip!

  27. BYE-BYE!