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cleaning driftwood making it available for carving n.
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Driftwood Kitchen Table PowerPoint Presentation
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Driftwood Kitchen Table

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Driftwood Kitchen Table
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Driftwood Kitchen Table

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  1. Cleaning Driftwood Making it Available for Carving

  2. There are few things that must be done to bring the driftwood piece into a condition that will allow the piece to be comfortably transformed into a functional piece. First steps to driftwood preparation The driftwood is brushed carefully to loosen sand, dirt and moss from the piece. You can involve the brushings also. Sometimes, a situation may arise when you will have to use smaller brushes to get hold of the open grain, cracks, naturally found in the driftwood. This step is not enough to make your piece of wood ready to be converted to your driftwood kitchen. There are some more steps to follow. Drying driftwood The climate of a hot desert suits the best for drying a driftwood piece. The constant breeze and the temperature allow the airflow to penetrate and circulate through the wood drying it completely. Although, it is not essential to expose the piece of driftwood to hot sun, but doing so will give additional benefits. The prior part is enabling the wood to get a good air circulation.

  3. Bleaching driftwood Driftwood pieces you find are dark colored due to the water and dirt stains on them. Household bleach is added to a few gallons of water, dipping the wood piece into the solution in a shallow pan. Ensure damping all the surfaces of the piece with the bleaching solution. If in case, the piece becomes larger in size than the container, you can mop on with a rag or paint on the solution with a brush. Hot desert climate processing advantage This hot weather along with bleaching helps a lot in killing any kind of germs or creatures in the wood. Exposing the wood in the hot sun for a few days will ensure a perfect and clean piece of driftwood, to be used to make some of your preferred kitchen furniture like the driftwood dining table. Along with this the sun carries on bleaching too, making the piece of wood lighter.