unmissable things to do in the cuban capital n.
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Unmissable Things to Do In the Cuban Capital PowerPoint Presentation
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Unmissable Things to Do In the Cuban Capital

Unmissable Things to Do In the Cuban Capital

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Unmissable Things to Do In the Cuban Capital

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  1. Unmissable Things to Do In the Cuban Capital Havana, the Cuban capital is a place where old meets new, where vintage cars still adorned and collected. This small yet enticing city has so much to offer its visitors on their plates. Whether you are interested to travel to Cuba in groups or solo, find guided and cheap flight tickets with Allegiant Airlines Reservations. Let our experts help you in molding a journey that best suits your needs and requirements. Unmissable Things to Do in the Cuban Capital Fly with Allegiant Airlines Flights if you are looking for a place to get step by step assistance while booking your flight tickets. Given below are some few points to be kept in mind that can make a big difference while you travel to this Cuban capital: View the Malecón to witness some beautiful Sunset. The Malecón is famous for its historical stone wall that separates the pronounced city of Havana from the daunting ocean waters below it. Visit the Malecón if you want to spend some quality time and socialize with your peers because it’s much cheaper than going to a bar or club. One of the biggest trademarks of Cuba is its notorious collection of antique cars and convertible from the 1950’s. Hop onto oneof the 1950’s, many people still use them for everyday use in the form of taxis or private cars.

  2. Visit El Floridita for a Hemingway Daiquiri. This little bar has become a tourist favorite because of its classic daiquiri which claims to be the best in the world. With a piece of live music, photos of Hemingway everywhere, this is a classic place to lounge, with live music, and photos of a perfect spot to spend some quality time with your friends. Go to the Rooftop of Ambos Mundos Hotel to have a Cuba. You can also make your way to the top of the restaurant for a breathtaking view of all of Havana Vieja, which stretches out across the shoreline and over to the Morro Cabaña. Walk Through the one of the Cuban Missile Crisis tunnels that led to where the Russian missiles were set up and aimed directly at the U.S. Visit Allegiant Airlines' official site to compare your pricing options for a number of popular destinations.