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The Thom Fear Factor Shirt Game PowerPoint Presentation
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The Thom Fear Factor Shirt Game

The Thom Fear Factor Shirt Game

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The Thom Fear Factor Shirt Game

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  1. The Thom Fear Factor Shirt Game If you thought Thom’s shirt was ridiculous, wait till you see what happened!

  2. The Shirt I think Thom could squeeze in two more pockets on his shirt.

  3. The Conception Contrary to popular belief, the game has nothing to do with the fact that this quite possibly could be the worlds best drinking shirt as it can easily hold four beers at once. The game was conceived immediately after this picture was taken. As Schwaab pointed out, not only does Thom’s shirt have four pockets, but it had nearly a zillion buttons on it. The drunken wheels began to turn. The Game The Rules For all who dared to participate, the rules of the challenge were quite simple, it was the consequences that were “tough to swallow”. The object was to observe Thom’s shirt for two minutes, then make a guess as to how many buttons were on it. Just as Fear Factor has tough consequences, so did The Thom Fear Factor Shirt Challenge. The person whose guess was farthest away had to endure one of the following four consequences: (1) do two shots of your least favorite liquor, (2) chug four beers, (3) touch Jabroni’s butt-hole with your finger for a 5 count, or (4) chug 1.5 ounces of Merianne breast milk.(2%) What happened next was completely shocking.

  4. The Button Count One on each pocket, 3 buttons up the front, 1 for each collar, and oddly, one on each of his shirt sleeve cuffs. So far, there are 9.

  5. The Button Count page 2 Now we’ve got 3 more down the front, 1 more on each pocket, 1 below each pocket, and the 2 token replacement buttons on the inside of his shirt. New total equals 18.

  6. The Button Count page 3 Whoa! Lets not forget the sides. So there’s an additional 3 on each side near the bottom split. This brings the grand total to 24.

  7. The Button Count page 4 Hmm. What’s this? Another 3 around the bottom? There must have been some sort of button surplus down at the factory. This makes 27.

  8. The Button Count Page 5 And another 3 across the back in the Country Western Formation. All of this for a ridiculous grand total of 30! Note: in the top left picture Thom is NOT pointing to his own shoulder.

  9. Time For The Consequence Looks like Amy was farthest away with a guess of nine. Here’s a little known fact: Amy and Merianne tried to cheat! They overheard us talking and Amy asked Merianne how many buttons did they say? To which Merianne replied, “I think seven.” That’s what you get for cheating because someone said twenty-seven as their guess. Amy thought she’d be slick by bumping up the numbers and guessing nine. Guess she wasn’t so slick. She was a good sport though. So which consequence did she chose???

  10. The Decision Bottoms up Amy. What’s the proper protocol for drinking breast milk? First you sniff it (above), then you yell at the milk (bottom left), then you chug it. (below) Don’t forget the bib. I wonder if she’s done this before? Nice Job Amy!

  11. We Will Never Forget

  12. What Next? The ladies of Club Habel decided to try a little game of their own. They devised “The Thong Game”. Similar rules except you had to guess who was wearing a thong at the party. The Answer: 2 Congrats to Jill and Heather. Unfortunately we don’t have any pictures of this. So who lost? Brennan and Schwaab. Brennan chose to do two shots of tequila whilst Schwaab chose to touch Jabroni’s asshole with his finger for a 5 count. Again, no photos. Sorry. However, after this incident ‘Broni walked away with his tail between his legs and seemed somewhat upset, confused, and violated. Out of him and Schwaab, I think Jabroni was the one with the bad dreams that night. Oh, I don’t recall Schwaab washing off his finger after accepting his consequence. Nobody shake his hand! What sort of mischief can we get into at the next party? We’ll see.