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how to say

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how to say

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  1. how to say and look good doing it

  2. You can’t do everything Why say no?

  3. Irregular heartbeats Muscle tension and severe muscle pain Severe substance abuse Insomnia Heart problems Stroke Hypertension Extreme eating disorders Severe weight-gain or weight-loss Ulcers Severe depression Infertility Skin problemsEczema Psoriasis Ulcerative colitisCrohn's disease Hair loss or early graying of hair Problem remembering things Poor concentration Poor judgment Hypersensitive and extremely moody Able to see only the negative side of thingsConfused mind An urge to get away (isolate) from everyone / everything Sudden and unwarranted anger Getting irritated for the smallest of reasonsOverreacting to any situationLoss of confidence Eating too much or too little Sleeping too much or too little Sharp increase in alcohol / tobacco consumption Disturbed sleep, leading to a host of other problems Constant headache Severe digestive problems High blood pressure Breathing problems Feeling tired constantly (even when you wake up in the morning) You can’t do everything Stress

  4. a different tool for a different situation find your authentic voice for Your toolbox

  5. Direct Approach Be kind, honest Just say no. Consider humor? Consider distraction?

  6. the direct approach + optional distraction Derald Everhart, Program Analyst Office of National Programs

  7. Blame the boss My day job is taking all my time right now It’s the boss?, ask for help prioritizing

  8. blame the boss David Kelly, Legislative Advisor, and Michael Arnold, Director, Budget & Program Management Staff

  9. Make an offer I can’t, but Carla can Here’s what I can do…

  10. make an offer Marco Ocadiz, Contract Specialist, Acquisition Branch, AFM

  11. make an offer Jamie Wadzink, Special Projects Director, AFM

  12. I would love to take that opportunity. Can it wait? smooth it over I really want to help and I’ll have time next week.

  13. smooth it over Keith Ware, Team Leader, Help Desk, OCIO

  14. Buy some time I need to check with the boss. I need to check my schedule. I need to think about how I might help. I need to take a look at my current projects.

  15. buy some time Jill Stetka, Program Analyst, Office of National Programs

  16. buy some time Caird Rexroad, Associate Administrator

  17. I’m really trying to take care of the projects I’ve already committed to at this point.. It’s not you, it’s me I not comfortable performing that task… I don’t think I have the right skills...

  18. it’s not you, it’s me Joon Park, Director, Human Resources Division, AFM

  19. Just do it. When to say yes.

  20. high priority • Your job! • Your boss • Your boss’ boss • Senior leadership (Administrators, Area Directors, Lab Directors, Research Leaders) • Your team

  21. priority • Your development and growth • Will build a skill • Your daily rolodex • A career contact

  22. Lower priority • A good cause • Enjoyable, rejuvenating

  23. Let’s review • Know your priorities • Choose tools for your toolbox • Find your authentic voice • You cannot do everything