netroster daily occurrence book training course tr 014 001 n.
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NetRoster Daily Occurrence Book Training Course TR-014.001 PowerPoint Presentation
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NetRoster Daily Occurrence Book Training Course TR-014.001

NetRoster Daily Occurrence Book Training Course TR-014.001

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NetRoster Daily Occurrence Book Training Course TR-014.001

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  1. NetRoster Daily Occurrence BookTraining CourseTR-014.001 Central Support Line 0871 288 2101

  2. Overview DOB (Daily Occurrence Book) allows you to record and share information about incidents related to regions, employers, clients, sites, shifts and staff Think of DOB as NetRoster e-mail…a tool to allow you to communicate key information to other NetRoster users

  3. Enabling/Disabling DOB DOB is enabled by default. To check the status of DOB on your NetRoster site… • Click on the Settings button • Click on the NetRoster Settings link • Select or de-select the Enforce DOB (Control Desk) checkbox to enable / disable DOB

  4. Adding a DOB Entry DOB entries can be added to Region, Employer, Client, Site or Staff records Simply open the appropriate record and click on the Add DOB Entry link

  5. Adding a DOB Entry DOB Entries are grouped by type with an additional sub type grouping; • Shift Admin Adhoc Shift Cancellation Staff Change Start / Finish Times • Incident Accident Assault Other Theft Vandalism • Complaint General Public Site Staff • Request Absence (Illness) Absence (No Pay) Absence (Pay) AWOL • Notification Client Request Other Site Closure

  6. Adding a DOB Entry Enter the details of the incident and click on the Save button Notify You can Notify other NetRoster users of the DOB Entry by selecting their usernames from the Notify list. This will send them a NetRoster notification To select multiple users, hold down the Ctrl button and click their usernames

  7. Adding a DOB Entry Once the DOB Entry has been saved, you will notice that more fields become available ~ this allows you to track the progress of the entry Logged: This is the time stamp when the record is written to NetRoster Resolved: This is the date and time when the entry is resolved Status:Open or Closed

  8. Reading DOB Notifications When users logon to NetRoster, they should check to see if there are any new DOB Entries that have been sent to them Click on the DOB Admin button Check the Inbox ~ any new unread DOB Entries will appear in bold Click the >> button to view the DOB Entry

  9. Actioning DOB Entries Once the DOB Entry has been actioned, enter a Resolved date and time, change the Status to Close and click on the Save button The record will automatically move from your Inbox into your Archive folder Note Views will not refresh automatically ~ you must close down and re-open DOB Admin to see entry movements between folders

  10. How DOB works with the Control Desk If DOB is enabled, Control Desk operators will be forced to complete a DOB Entryevery time they make a change to a shift from within the Control Desk screen This allows the right people to be notified of real-time changes to… • Shift start and finish times • The addition of new shifts • The re-assignment of staff • The cancellation of shifts

  11. DOB and the Control Desk If a DOB Entry is logged by the Controller via the Control Desk Screen, it will be highlighted in white and marked with an Info icon. You can click on this icon to view the details of the DOB Entry

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