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Our Subject.

Our Subject.

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Our Subject.

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  1. Our Subject. For our advert we chose to go with a company that we had contacts with. At first Alex approached the owner of Frag radio and eventually gained access to their company name and logo. From there we decided to create an advertisement campaign for their new mobile application.Their mobile application Is now for sale on Itunes for 69p.

  2. Proposal Communication goals - We will be advertising a mobile radio application for the company FragRadio. The application offers mobile listening to the radio services provided by FragRadio for users of iPhones and iPods via a WiFi connection. The advert will be targeted towards the listeners of FragRadio, these are around the age of 14-18.

  3. About FragRadio • FragRadio is a online e-sports gaming radio that was founded by the London based business man Alex King. • Partners: Cyber game zone, TMF GAMING, Clan Of Doom, UK-TF, Amberline, HATTON GAMES, Euro Domination. • Frag radio are also planning on opening their newest branch; FRAG TV. Frag TV will be a live streaming service that offers gameplay videos the their viewers.

  4. Radio apps: Most radio channels and smartphone apps only provide you with one genre of music. Frag Radio plays a wide variety of music, to appeal to a larger audience. Genres such as; Rock / Metal, Pop, Dubstepand dance.

  5. Unique selling point. Frag Radio is not just a music station, it also hosts podcasts and news talks about games and gaming related subjects. The main audience for frag radio is the PC gaming community however their new mobile app hopes to break into the console gaming community. Popular games they play and discuss inculde: Call Of Duty, Counter Strike, Minecraft and Team Fortress 2.

  6. For our advert we aimed to show that Frag Radio can be a fun radio station for everyone. We are hoping to achieve this by showing our main character being overcome by the fun that the radio offers, this is displayed by him dancing through populated areas of the city center.

  7. Production of the TV ad. Our TV ad was filmed in Birmingham city center with the Canon 600d camera. The production took two days total with editing taking a week after that. We have had to delay the final edit due to complications. The edit file became corrupted when we logged the footage, this was due to the names of the files not matching with those in the edit. Roles: Jake - Editor/Actor Alex - Cameraman Dan - Director Jack - Pre-Production work.

  8. TV Slots We would aim to get the TV ad displayed on music channels such as MTV or Viva as they appeal to the same audience as Frag Radio.

  9. Radio advert. With our TV advert production coming to a close we will begin work on our radio ad. We will once again be advertising the Frag Radio mobile Application. The advert will be broadcast via Frag Radio itself. Our idea for the radio ad it to make it jumpy and intriguing to fit with the style of the station. This will be achieved with some fast music and an interesting voice actor.