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Dec. 2

Dec. 2. 1804: Napoleon crowned Emperor of France 1823: Monroe Doctrine issued 1859: Artist George Seurat born 1862: Charles Ringling born. MONROE DOCTRINE Political Cartoons. Seurat the Dot. A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. Dec. 3. 1621: Galileo invented telescope

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Dec. 2

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  1. Dec. 2 1804: Napoleon crowned Emperor of France 1823: Monroe Doctrine issued 1859: Artist George Seurat born 1862: Charles Ringling born

  2. MONROE DOCTRINE Political Cartoons

  3. Seurat the Dot A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

  4. Dec. 3 1621: Galileo invented telescope 1910: Neon lamp 1st displayed (at Paris Motor Show) 1931: Alka Seltzer first sold 1948: “Pumpkin Papers” discovered 1968: MLB announced pitcher’s mound would lower to 10” (from 15” – for more batting action)

  5. Alka Seltzer ads 10 Uses for Alka Seltzer

  6. Pumpkin Papers

  7. Dec. 4 771: Charlemagne becomes King of the Franks 1961: MoMA realized had hung Matisse painting upside down (for 47 days) 1998: Construction of International Space Station began

  8. Construction of International Space Station time lapse

  9. Dec. 5 1791: Composer Mozart died 1848: President Polk confirmed gold found in CA (started the Gold Rush of 1849) 1933: Prohibition repealed (21st Amendment) 1952: The Great Smog of London set in (lasted 5 days & killed 4,000 people)

  10. Dec. 6 1790: Congress moved from NYC to Philadelphia 1865: 13th Amendment adopted (ended slavery) 1922: Irish Free State declared (4/5 Ireland free from English rule) 1947: Everglades National Park established

  11. Ireland Unification 26 counties in Irish Republic + 6 counties in Northern Ireland (under British control) = 1 united Ireland

  12. The 13th Amendment • Lincoln Movie Clip #1 • Lincoln Movie clip #2 • Mississippi ratifies 13th Amendment – in 2013 (start at 1:22)

  13. Dec. 9 1803: 12th Amendment passed (vote for President & VP instead of 2 choices for President) 1854: “The Charge of the Light Brigade” was published 1965: “A Charlie Brown Christmas” premiered

  14. Can you spot the mistake with the tree? Charlie Brown searches for the perfect Christmas Tree

  15. Dec. 10 1901: 1st Nobel Prizes awarded 1936: King Edward VIII abdicated the British throne (had reigned for 10 months) 1948: UN adopted Declaration of Human Rights 1941: Japan invaded the Philippines

  16. Some include: • All people are born free • All people are entitled to rights/freedoms • No one shall be held in slavery • No one shall be subjected to torture or cruel treatment

  17. Dec. 11 1719: 1st recorded sighting of Aurora Borealis(the Northern Lights) 1866: 1st yacht race across Atlantic Ocean 1941: Germany & Italy declared war on the US (US declared it back)

  18. Ten Best Places to see the Northern Lights

  19. Dec. 12 1897: “The Katzenjammer Kids” debuted (1st comic strip to use speech bubbles) 1980: Oil tycoon Armand Hammer pays $5.1 million for da Vinci notebook (Bill Gates bought it in 1984 for $30.8 million)

  20. The Katzenjammer Kids

  21. Read the Codex here

  22. Dec. 13 1577: Sir Francis Drake began circumnavigation of the globe 1759: 1st music store opens in America (Philadelphia)

  23. Sir Francis Drake’s Circumnavigation of the Globe

  24. Dec. 16 1770: Ludwig von Beethoven born 1773: Boston Tea Party occurred ($1.7 million worth of tea destroyed) 1901: “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” was published 1916: Rasputin murdered

  25. Dec. 16 Boston Tea Party-America the Story of US

  26. Rasputin

  27. Dec. 17 1777: France formally recognized the US as an independent country 1903: Wright brothers flew plane for first time 1989: “The Simpsons” premiered 2011: North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il died

  28. Fake Tears Kim Jong Il funeral procession

  29. Dec. 18 1839: 1st photograph of moon made in US 1944: Supreme Court upheld Japanese wartime relocation (interment camps) 1956: “To Tell The Truth” game show premiered

  30. 1st photo of moon

  31. To Tell the Truth – Rosa Parks, 1980

  32. Dec. 19 • 1732: Ben Franklin began publishing “Poor Richard’s Almanack” (under the name Richard Saunders) • 1843: Charles Dickens published “A Christmas Carol” • 1918: Robert Ripley began writing “Believe It Or Not” column • 1919: American Meteorological Society founded

  33. “Fish and visitors smell in 3 days.” “An investment in education always pays the best interest.” “To lengthen thy life, lessen thy meals.” "Glass, china, and reputation are easily cracked, and never well mended.”

  34. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

  35. Dec. 20 1820: Missouri imposes $1 “Bachelor Tax” (all unmarried men between 21-50 years of age) 1940: Connie Mack became owner of Philadelphia Athletics 1946: “It’s A Wonderful Life” premiered 1963: Berlin Wall opened for 17 days (so family members could see each other over the holidays)

  36. Connie Mack’s Code of Conduct for Players, 1916 • I will always play the game to the best of my ability. • I will always play to win, but if I lose, I will not look for an excuse to detract from my opponent's victory. • I will never take an unfair advantage in order to win. • I will always abide by the rules of the game—on the diamond as well as in my daily life. • I will always conduct myself as a true sportsman—on and off the playing field. • I will always strive for the good of the entire team rather than for my own glory. • I will never gloat in victory or pity myself in defeat. • I will do my utmost to keep myself clean—physically, mentally, and morally. • I will always judge a teammate or an opponent as an individual and never on the basis of race or religion.

  37. The Berlin Wall News Clips of Wall Opening (Xmas 1963) The Berlin Wall being built – 4:17-7:50 (Wall built – 9:30) The Wall comes down

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