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Tools Included

Tools Included

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Tools Included

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  1. Accessories Required (Not Included) BATTERY CHARGER Tools Included NI-MH BATTERY 7.2V

  2. PHOTO GALLERY Combined design of steel universal drive shafts and aluminum hex hubs for most convenient wheel fitting and for most efficient power transfer. 7mm thick crash resistant composite shock towers for maximum strength and flexible mounting locations. High downforce rear wing mount not only maximizes aerodynamic efficiency but also help to prevent the damages of the chassis when crashes. Ball raced steering bellcranks optimize the range of steering control and enhance the control precision. Ultra long racing wishbones feature a sleek aerodynamic design with integrated webbing to provide extra strength. Factory assembled oil-filled shocks for extra smoothness, less maintenances.

  3. PHOTO GALLERY Interchangeable front and rear steel gear differentials give most consistent drivability and best cornering performance. Reinforced double deck chassis design makes the car stiffer and resists twisting; connecting the front and rear molded composite gearboxes allows the most brutal off-road driving abuse. The centre drive shafts are made from extra-thick anodized aluminum to increase durability and resist wear. New adjustable slipper clutch for ease of access to adjust tightness. Gives you more control and improved acceleration

  4. PHOTO GALLERY Strong and lightweight spoke wheels with pre-glued high-grip pin tires. Completely factory assembled chassis and printed aerodynamic body & wing, ready to hit the track out of box. Sturdy countersunk battery tray and strap for quickest battery fitting High performance electronic speed control and super performance 17 Turn Sports Motor Full ball bearings for most efficient power transmission