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How Important Is Your Dog’s Name? PowerPoint Presentation
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How Important Is Your Dog’s Name?

How Important Is Your Dog’s Name?

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How Important Is Your Dog’s Name?

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  1. How Important Is Your Dog’s Name? When you get a new puppy you of course have to name him or her.

  2. How Important Is Your Dog’s Name? If the puppy is registered you will need a name for the official registration papers as well as a call name. Both names are important, but in different ways. The registered name often begins with the name of the kennel that the dog came from. This is also a part of his show name. All registered names must be original. Although these names have a rather fancy sound to them, when you understand more about how they are given they are actually fun. Read More...

  3. How Important Is Your Dog’s Name? Besides the kennel name the registered names can include the name of the dam and or the sire. Any combination of ancestors along with a theme is very common. However, AKC limits the name to thirty-six characters in length, including spaces, so if the names are long it can certainly present a problem. For an extra fee the length can be extended up to fifty characters. Registered names often have no relationship whatsoever with the call name. Call names should be rather short; two to three syllables is the recommended length. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you have more than one dog the names should be different enough that the dogs can easily distinguish them. For example, naming one dog Holly and another one Molly would not be a good idea. Read More...

  4. How Important Is Your Dog’s Name? Many people choose to name their dogs right away; in fact, they may even have the name picked out before they ever see the dog. Other people want to keep the dog a wait or two before naming him so that they can choose a name that matches the dog’s personality. And still others prefer a name that describes the dog’s physical appearance to some degree, such as naming a big dog Bruno or a Black dog Blackie. Read More...

  5. How Important Is Your Dog’s Name? Originality is nice but when it comes to dogs, just like people’s names, there are certain names that are all time favourites for particular breeds or dog stereotypes. And just as with human names, dog names sometimes become popular because of a TV show, a song, an actor, a movie, a rock band, etc. Since dogs can live to be up to twenty years or longer it is suggested that the name be one that is somewhat evergreen; simply meaning that the name will have significance in the years to come, even if the namesake doesn’t. Once you have decided on a name you should begin using it as much as possible. The goal is to find ways to get your dog to associate the name with a meaning. By using his name regularly he will quickly pick up on the fact that the name refers to him. Read More...

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