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Some M ore Compositional Tools

Some M ore Compositional Tools. (Focal point and Emphasis, Rhythm, and Scale & Proportion). What is the artist asking us to pay attention to?How is he doing that?. Gericault, Horse Attacked by a Tiger . Degas, The Café Singer .

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Some M ore Compositional Tools

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  1. Some More Compositional Tools (Focal point and Emphasis, Rhythm, and Scale & Proportion)

  2. What is the artist asking us to pay attention to?How is he doing that? Gericault, Horse Attacked by a Tiger

  3. Degas, The Café Singer Focal point: an element in the composition that commands the viewer’s attention and invites them to look closer.

  4. Focal points often occur when one element differs from others • A light element in a mostly dark design • When most elements are soft edged, a hard edged component becomes the focal point • If most things are realistic the expressive part is the focal point (or vice versa) • Text or graphic symbols • When most shapes are consistent but a few differ (circles in a square design)

  5. Focal Accents are more than one focal point in an image. Stuart Davis, Composition

  6. ShepardFairey In a straightforward image, the focal points are obvious. What is telling us the flowers are the main focal points?

  7. Focal points often occur when one element is different than others. Jeff Wall, The Pine On the Corner

  8. Seattle Weekly Magazine

  9. Text or graphic symbols

  10. Emphasis by isolation: when one element is placed off from others. Eakins, the Agnew Clinic

  11. Jacque-Louis David, The Oath of the Horatti Emphasis by Placement: many elements point to one area, our attention is directed their

  12. Vermeer, The Music Lesson

  13. Grunewald: Christ Descending from the Grave DOMINANCE: Attracts a viewer’s attention through one element dominating the piece

  14. All over design: focal points are eliminated to emphasis the surface of the entire piece Sol Lewitt, Wall Drawing

  15. James Ensor, Christ’s Entry Into the City Where is the focal point? What is emphasized?

  16. SCALE: A term for size. Usually refers to the size of the object relative to the human body or the life-size of the object. Robert Therrien, Stacked Plates

  17. Scale can refer to size within the image or in comparison to real life

  18. FraFillipiPolli, Saint Lawrence Heirarchical scale: importance is determined by size

  19. Medallion, Ming Dynasty

  20. Chris Burden, Los Angels Police Department

  21. James Rieck, Shirtsleeves

  22. Julie Mehretu, Goldman Sachs Lobby

  23. Mehretu, Goldman Lobby, Again

  24. Nasca Drawing, Peru

  25. Proportion Refers to relative size, measured against other elements in a composition. For example, in these caricature images, certain features are out of proportion (ears, chin) relative to the rest of the face---in this case, for comic effect.

  26. Charles Ray, Family Romance Illustration of Scale and Proportion shifts

  27. Contrast of scale: when different scales are used within the same image Rene Magritte, Personal Values

  28. Rhthym: a visual as well as musical sensation. Related to the impression of movement. Bridget Riley, Drift

  29. Chairs by Charles Rennie Mackintosh Rhythm requires repetition of elements.

  30. Louise Bourgeois, Partial Recall

  31. Piet Mondrian, Broadway Boogie Woogie

  32. Progressive rhythm: shapes changing in a regular manner. Here, the oil stains from parked cars get darker and larger the closer the spaces are to the store. Ed Ruscha, Goodyear Tires, Laurel Canyon, CA

  33. Alternating rhythm: Motifs alternate regularly to create a pattern Robert Delaunay, Composition

  34. Kinestethetic: When a visual experience stimulates another sense. Here, the sense of sound Malevich, Machine Composition

  35. Malevich, Suprematist Composition What kind of sound is suggested by this composition vs. the previous comp?

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