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Schema Creator schema-creator/

Schema Creator schema-creator/

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Schema Creator schema-creator/

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  1. Schema Creator Ioan Toma

  2. What is Schema Creator • Online editor to create annotations according to • Schemas supported: • Person, • Product, • Event, • Organization, • Movie, • Book, • Review

  3. Person • Used to classify information about a specific person. • Potential tags include address, related URL, job title, birth date, etc.

  4. Product • Used to identify information relating to a product including price, product ID, model, manufacturing information, etc.

  5. Event • Used to mark up dates around specific events, such as a concert, festival, conference or performance. • Potential tags include: start date, end date, duration, address, description, etc.

  6. Organization • User to mark up the contact information on an web sites of business or organization. • Potential tags include: name, address, description, etc.

  7. Movie • User to mark up information related to movies, allowing you to highlight the director and primary actors. • Potential tags include: director, actors, etc.

  8. Book • Used to mark up information related to a book, including author and publisher details. • Potential tags include: author, date published, publisher, book edition, ISBN, format, etc.

  9. Review • Used for marking up your product or service with review information and ratings. • Potential tags include: author, date published, item reviewed, review body, rating, rating scale, etc.

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  12. Code <div itemscopeitemtype=""> <a itemprop="url" href=""><div itemprop="name"><strong>Four Hills Tournament in Innsbruck</strong></div> </a> <div itemprop="description">The third competition in the Four Hills Tournament traditionally takes place at Innsbruck’s Bergisel stadium, with its new ski jump built in 2002 and designed by London architect, ZahaHadid. The futuristic-looking tower with the elegant curved approach run is a modern architectural symbol of the Tyrolean provincial capital, it’s great sporting significance is made clearly visible at the Bergisel ski jumping competition. On 4rd January 2014, the world's top ski jumpers will meet at the Bergisel stadium and millions of television viewers will follow the jumping from the 134 metre high ski-jump live. You can check out the training and qualifying jumps for the competition on 3 January. </div> <div><meta itemprop="startDate" content="2013-11-27T11:30">Starts: 11/27/2013 11:30AM</div> <meta itemprop="endDate" content="2014-01-04:00.000">Ends: 2014-01-04:00.000 </div> <div itemprop="location" itemscopeitemtype=""> <div itemprop="streetAddress">BergiselStadionOlympiaschanze</div> <div><span itemprop="addressLocality">Igls </span>, <span itemprop="addressRegion">Tirol</span></div><div itemprop="postalCode">A-6080</div> <div itemprop="addressCountry">Austria</div> </div>

  13. Plugins • Schema Creator plugin for WordPress • Simplifies the process of adding structured data to content published with WordPress. • Functionality: • Automatically creates properly formatted structured data • Uses WordPress shortcode to keep the schema data from breaking in the Visual editor • Enables you to easily edit schemas you’ve already created • Provides unique CSS classes and IDs to enable you to customize the style of the microdata