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Laser Metal Cutting Technology- Things To Know PowerPoint Presentation
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Laser Metal Cutting Technology- Things To Know

Laser Metal Cutting Technology- Things To Know

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Laser Metal Cutting Technology- Things To Know

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  1. Laser Metal Cutting Technology- Things To Know Metal fabricators utilize high-quality laser cutting equipment such as Fanuc laser for creating state of the art parts requiring minimal finishing work. With high-powered laser equipment in motion cutting through metal sheets, the excess material either vaporizes, melts, or burns away. Fantastic finishing achieved through laser cutting is because jet gas at high pressure blows away any debris that may remain. Two commonly used laser-cutting machines available in the industry today include,   CO2 laser cutting Nd:YAG laser cutting CO2 varieties are the commonest one and have been in use for many years now. The power input/output ratio related to them is still the highest one at 20% making them an excellent choice in the industry. Nd:YAG crystal acts as the lasing medium related to solid-state laser. These are capable of cutting various alloys as steel and metal industry. Better than mechanical cutting Do you know why laser-cutting machine is so much popular in the metal working industry these days? These come with higher efficiency, better precision, and accuracy besides offering a cost-effective solution for the industries everywhere. The mechanical cutting of yore still used today generates lots of heat across a wide zone leading to warping. This does not happen with laser cutting, because heat generation is only in a concentrated area with minimal warping if at all. Also, absence of direct contact with the material in laser technology keeps the wear and tear to the equipment to a minimum. What are the benefits? The numerous advantages to laser cutting machine such as Amada laser make them oft-used equipment in the metal cutting industry. Some of these include the following.     Involves quiet procedure Come with full safety enclosure to prevent accidents Computerized touch screen ensures ease of use High equipment speed & feed rates Different cutting methods Cutting methods differ in accordance to the material at this may be either a fusion cutting where high pressure is used or oxidation cutting using laser torch. Fusion cutting as the name implies involve fusion of metal using laser beam energy. High-pressure nitrogen gas is in use in this method and the benefits include absence of oxidation related to cut edges. In general, fusion cutting is ideal for aluminum, stainless steel, besides other alloys. The other method is the oxidation cutting where laser beam heats

  2. up the material up to combustion. Gas used as the name implies is oxygen in this case, at 0.4 bar – 5 bar medium pressure and the energy generation is through is through exothermic reaction. Just as used press brake is ideal for bending metal sheets, laser cutters offer top of the shelf technology for seamless cutting of metal allowing varied applications in different situations. As technology develops rapidly, one can increase the effectiveness and efficiency related to such cutting equipment to ensure faster work and better results with cost saving options. Those, who want to know more about laser cutting and the various machines or associated parts may visit the website About The Author Maddox Henderson is a veteran from the metal fabrication industry and has witness the field going through many transformations first hand. He also likes to write many informative articles about his understanding of the industry and the best tools for use in projects like Amada laser machine and more!