the under the radar streetwear brands your n.
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The Under-the-Radar Streetwear Brands PowerPoint Presentation
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The Under-the-Radar Streetwear Brands

The Under-the-Radar Streetwear Brands

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The Under-the-Radar Streetwear Brands

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  1. The Under-the-Radar Streetwear Brands Your Favorite Stars Can't Stop Wearing Add a little street cred to your wardrobe. BY MARIANNE DABIR PHOTOS: COURTESY OF SOPHIE ELGORT;GETTY IMAGES; SPLASH NEWS a trendsetter takes more than just having fashion know-how—it’s about being one step ahead of the crowd, and discovering cool new brands and designers before anybody else. And lately, the likes of Rita Ora, Selena Gomez, and Cara Delevingne have been turning to ultra-edgy streetwear to rev up their looks. Though they haven’t gone totally mainstream just yet, these subversive labels are already putting a fresh twist on classic athletic fare—think skater-approved sweatshirts, beanies, and T-shirts in unexpected prints, silhouettes, and lots (and lots!) of logos. Take a look to see which under-the-radar designers they’re loving. Who knows? Your new favorite brand might be one you haven’t even heard of yet.... • • • PHOTO: COURTESY OF SOPHIE ELGORT Becky G. in a Dimepiece beanie This L.A. label, which was founded by two friends in 2007, has since evolved from a small collection of graphic tees to a major fashion force—think snapback hats, high-low skirts, and plenty of crop tops emblazoned with edgy graphics and cheeky slogans. The girl-power approved "Ain't No Wifey" is a favorite among celebs and street style stars alike. •

  2. PHOTO: COURTESY OF GETTY IMAGES •Rita Ora in a The Black Score T-shirt A sure sign that you’re officially an It girl? When The Black Score puts your likeness on the front of one of their covetable tees. This small, boutique line creates hand-printed shirts with exclusive, limited-edition designs. Fashion industry darlings like Susie Bubble, Georgia May Jagger, and, of course, Cara Delevingne, are among the brand’s favorite faces. • Best Friend Tag with Zendaya and Zink Coleman • PHOTO: COURTESY OF SPLASH NEWS •Selena Gomez in a Joyrich hoodie Thanks to its mix of vintage influences and West Coast edge, this label's signature prints pack a super stylish punch. A-listers like Selena love the brand's oversized loungewear, rad minidresses, and sporty- chic tops (and, A-lister or not, you will too!). • • PHOTO: COURTESY OF GETTY IMAGES •Ashley Benson in a Enfants Riches Déprimés T-shirt Based in Paris and L.A., this unisex label has a heavy DIY influence—graffiti-inspired graphics, hand- distressed fabrics, and oversized silhouettes—in a lu, cool-without-trying-to-be kind of way—are its mainstays. •

  3. PHOTO: COURTESY OF GETTY IMAGES •Ellie Goulding in a Tourne de Transmission tank top This niche label puts a sophisticated, avant garde spin on basic fare like drawstring pants, hooded jackets, and backpacks. Best-dressed stars including the always-stylish Ellie especially love its screen-printed tops, which are inspired by modern art. So high-brow! • • PHOTO: COURTESY OF SPLASH NEWS •Cara Delevingne in a Brian Lichtenberg beanie Okay, so this designer isn't quite so under-the-radar anymore. But we've got to give him props for starting the luxury label parody craze—his "Féline," "Bucci," and—Cara's favorite—"Homiés" designs are still as in-demand as the real thing. •