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Hatchet Survival Kit

By Hailee Holoubek Book By Gary Paulsen. Hatchet Survival Kit. Food.

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Hatchet Survival Kit

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  1. By Hailee Holoubek Book By Gary Paulsen Hatchet Survival Kit

  2. Food I put food first so you would never starve. Like Brian in the book he only has berries, fish, and other food but it is gone in a little bit by maybe animals or by him. If you brought food you would have double the food from the wild and from you bringing it. So if you bring food then you have a good chance to survive.

  3. First Aid Kit A first aid kit is very important to cuts, wounds, or bruises. It would happen a lot in the wilderness. When Brian got shot by the porcupine’s quills he could have had medicine to put on his leg and not have to be in pain.

  4. Clothing If your clothes got dirty or wet from your plane crashing you would not want to stay in the dirty clothes like Brian did. So you would might want to change them once a day and keep washing them. You also would use it for warmth, a pillow, or a bag to put food in.

  5. Hatchet I picked the hatchet fifth because you can do many things with it if you think about it. The first main thing to do with a hatchet is chop branches off a tree and use for a fire. If you want to make a fire you need a rock and some leaves smash your hatchet in the rock let the sparks fall on the leaves and blow, you have fire, that is how Brian made fire from his hatchet. You can make a hut with the branches too.

  6. Survival Book Instead of using one of these survival kits use a book. It can tell you many things like how to make a fire, a shelter, and how to get food. Using a kit is the same as using a book. Brian didn’t have these until the end of the book.

  7. Sleeping Bag A sleeping bag of course to sleep in and for warmth. If you were in the wilderness you might be cold sleeping on a rock but if you had a sleeping bag it would be nicer. You could also store things in there. It could also be a shelter. Brian would need to use one in the wilderness.

  8. Bottled Water If you were lost and had no water you probably would want some water. If you didn’t have water you might not live, you need water to live. I don’t think Brain was so thrilled about drinking water with a plane and a dead guy in it.

  9. Tent A tent in the wilderness equals shelter and warmth. Not just for those for protection from rain or animals. You can store food in there, sleep in there, live till someone finds you. There are so many reasons why you should have a tent in the wilderness. Brian could have used a tent instead of building a shelter.

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