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Sporting Integers

Sporting Integers

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Sporting Integers

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  1. Sporting Integers By Danielle Porter

  2. Background Information of Football • Begin 1823 in England known as rugby at the Rugby Boys’ School (also known as soccer originally) • In the beginning no hard or fast rules were available • In 1860 Harvard University developed games on Monday called “Bloody Monday”

  3. BASIC RULES • Most football field varies in size. The NFL field measures 120 yards by 53 yards and 1 foot. At both ends there are goal lines. These mark off the end zones. These measure 10 yds. To score the opposing team must get the ball into the end zone. Lines cover the field corresponding to the end zone. These go at 5-yard intervals. In additionally, every 1.9 yards, there are hash marks. After a play, the officials put the ball to the nearest hash mark. The play begins there. In each end zone there is a goal post. If a player kicks a ball through the goal post, it constitutes extra points.

  4. ABC’s of Football Dictionary Audible: A play called by the quarterback at the line of scrimmage that changes the play called in the huddle. Also called an automatic. Block: To interfere with or otherwise prevent the movement of an opposing defensive player. Also, to clear opposing players out of the path of the ball carrier. Center: The member of the offensive team who plays in the middle of the line and snaps the ball back between his legs to the quarterback, kicker, or holder.

  5. My Favorite Team and Why?ATLANTA FALCONS • The co-owner Arthur M. Blake has established a foundation to help the community of Atlanta • Michael Vick is one the best and talented NFL quarterbacks drafted 20 2001 (I have an authentic autograph NFL helmet by Michael Vick) • Two of my favorite colorsRED&BLACK

  6. How Do Integers Explain Your Sport? • The football field is comparable to a number line with the 50 yard representing the 0 on a number line • The football player has gains and losses depending on how the football moves across the field • Penalties equal negative integers

  7. ATLANTA FALCONS’TIMELINE • Started on June 30, 1965 with Rankin Smith purchased of the team for 8.5 million dollars. • On January 26, 1966, Norb Hecker became the first Head Coach • In 1977 had the NFL Defense Record • In 1989 Deion Sander reports after holding out for contract talks • 1995 had 4 (1000 yds) players • April 21 , 2001 “Picked Michael Vick” in NFL Draft

  8. Comprehension • What is a center? • When did the sport begin? • Who is my favorite team? • What is the capital of Georgia? • Who is the current quarterback for the Falcons? • What is another name for football? • Name the co-owner of the Falcons?

  9. Fun Facts • The football is called pigskin, but made out of cowhide. • The mascot name is “Freddie the Falcon” • First winning season was in 1971 • Zero “Hall of Famers” who played primarily for the Falcons

  10. Work Cited • United Streaming Addition, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing Integers • eEssortment American Football History • Library.thinkquest Football Terms • Arthur Blank Foundation All aspects of the foundation. • Library ThinkQuest Basic Rules of Football • Atlanta Falcon Timeline •

  11. Cont. Work Cited • Falcon Symbol • Trivia