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Alternative Fuel For Vehicles *Hybrid Vehicles*

Alternative Fuel For Vehicles *Hybrid Vehicles*. Lauren Del Vecchio Ashley Gavin Mr. Dawson Earth Science May 12, 2006 Period:5. Introduction.

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Alternative Fuel For Vehicles *Hybrid Vehicles*

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  1. Alternative Fuel For Vehicles *Hybrid Vehicles* Lauren Del Vecchio Ashley Gavin Mr. Dawson Earth Science May 12, 2006 Period:5

  2. Introduction • Hybrid cars have been around for hundreds of years. But only recently have they perfected. They offer a new way of living a cleaner less expensive life.

  3. What is a Hybrid Car? A hybrid car is a vehicle that runs on ,not only gasoline but a rechargeable battery. These batteries help to reduce fuel emissions because the hybrid engine takes energy from that battery when it is accelerating. Also, hybrid gasoline engines can shut off when the car is fully stopped and run off the electricity gained from the battery. Picture: Honda Civic Hybrid

  4. Why was the hybrid car developed? • The hybrid car was invented to help people save money when the gas prices get to high for them to handle. The hybrids car was also invented to protect the quality of air because it lets out less harmful emissions and to save natural and nonrenewable resources. • Picture: Hybrid Vehicle

  5. How dose a Hybrid Car Work ? • A gasoline-electric hybrid car has both an electric motor and a gasoline motor, it also consists of a rechargeable battery for the electric engine. Inside the hybrid car the two motors that work together to put the vehicle in motion. The gas in the car is used to power the gasoline engine and the “electric batteries supply power to the car’s electric motors”. Some of the new hybrids are now converting kinetic energy into electric energy to power than batteries. • “ABC News: See How a Hybrid Car Works”

  6. Hybrid Timeline • 1839: Robert Anderson invents the first electric vehicle • 1870: Sir David Salomon invented a car with a light electric motor with very heavy storage batteries. • 1886: The first electric Taxi Cab is invented in England • 1888: Immisch & Company built a four-passenger carriage powered by one-horsepower motor and 24-cell battery. Magnus Volk in England made a three-wheeled electric car. • 1890-1910: Improvements in the batteries used were taking place. • The first picture on the left is an electric car from the 1900’s. On the left is a hybrid car from 2000.

  7. 1898: Ferdinand Porsche built the first hybrid car. • 1900: American companies made 1,575 electric and 936 electric cars. Pieper introduced a hybrid car with a gasoline engine and an electric engine under the seat. • 1905: H. Piper filed a patent for a petrol-electric hybrid vehicle. • 1966: U.S. Congress made the first bill recommending the use of electric cars to save the environment.

  8. 1970: The hybrid “VW Taxi” was invented due to high costs of oil . • 1979: A hybrid car was built out of a lawnmower engine. • 1991: The United States Advanced Battery Consortium (USABC) launched a program to make a “super” battery for the hybrid car to run off of. • 1991: The Toyota Pruis went public in Japan. Sold nearly 18,000 • 1999: Honda Insight was released in the U.S.

  9. 2000: Toyota Prius was the first four –door sedan available in the U.S. • 2002: The Honda Civic Hybrid was invented in the U.S. • 2004: Toyota Pruis 2 won 2004 Car of the Year Awards from Trend Magazine. Ford released the Ford Escape Hybrid.

  10. What makes a Hybrid Car Unique? • What makes a hybrid car unique is that it consists of a gasoline engine, electric engine and rechargeable batteries. All of these items work together to form a fuel efficient car that produces less pollution.   • Picture: Toyota Prius

  11. Advantages and Disadvantages Advantages: “*Tax savings, free entry to car pool lanes, free parking *Saving of fuel due to battery assisted engine therefore their is less dependence on foreign countries for fuels. *When the car is stopped the kinetic energy gained is stored in the battery and used for later *Less exhaust therefore it is environment friendly *Money is saved due to less fuel use for cars *Less trips to gas stations” Disadvantages: “*High cost *Heavy because of heavy batteries used in these cars *Risky in accidents because of the high volt wires exposed in accidents”

  12. Would you buy a Hybrid Car? Yes: 11 No: 21 Total Votes: 32 From the 32 people we asked 21 said no they wouldn’t buy a hybrid car because they though it was to expensive compared to the small amount of money it saves on gas. The other 11 said they would buy a hybrid car because in the long run it would save money and the environment.

  13. Lexus RX 400H $45,355 MPG: 33/28 City/Highway Honda Accord $30,990 MPG: 25/34 City/Highway Real Hybrid Cars

  14. Future of Hybrid Cars • Toyota Volta Hybrid Sports Car • 408 Horsepower • 3.3 liter V6 Gas Engine • 30 Miles per gallon • In the future hybrid cars will save citizens all over the world hundreds of dollars on gas because knowing that our oil will soon run out the price of gas will be at very high prices. The Hybrid car will help to save oil and money for people who can’t afford such high gas prices.

  15. Hybrid Carmakers • Daimler Chrysler • Ford • General Motors • Honda • Hyundai • Toyota • Volkswagen • Lexus • Picture: Lexus RX 400H

  16. Hybrid Car Sales • This graph shows the Hybrid car sales from 2000 to 2005. As you can see the sales have risen as the years progress. This suggests that people are beginning to understand the problems with oil and are trying to conserve.

  17. Conclusion • Most hybrid cars may cost a lot, but it’s a good price to pay for something that will save you even more money in the long run. It will save the environment even more. Most people wouldn’t buy a hybrid car because or the cost or how they look, but sooner or later it will be the car of choice.

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