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The Role Of Motivational Speakers In Society Today | Advantages Of Motivational Speakers PowerPoint Presentation
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The Role Of Motivational Speakers In Society Today | Advantages Of Motivational Speakers

The Role Of Motivational Speakers In Society Today | Advantages Of Motivational Speakers

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The Role Of Motivational Speakers In Society Today | Advantages Of Motivational Speakers

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  1. The Role of Motivational Speakers in Society Today

  2. About Us • Sh. Amaresh Jha an acclaimed and a seasoned professional trainer, through his various personality development programs notably Mantra of success, Secret of sale and Born to succeed he has successfully trained around a lakh of persons. • He traveled through length and breadth of the country imparting valuable skills of life. • Secret of millionaire is his tested formula, which is instrumental in his programs from the past seventeen year. • His enthusiastic zeal and practical experience has helped many to realize their dream and consolidate their potential to rush towards their goal.

  3. Role of a Motivational Speaker • Inspirational speakers play an important role in society. • Whether they’re giving a talk at a company, school, church or community center, their goal is to have a positive influence in the lives of others. • Through their talks and writings, motivational speakers can help people overcome the difficulties that are keeping them from finding direction and purpose in their lives.

  4. How to Become a Motivational Speaker • Motivational speakers come from different backgrounds, nationalities and walks of life. Most have some form of college or university training along with years of experience in a certain area, making them experts in their field. Being an expert in an area isn’t enough to qualify a person as a public speaker. Unless you are a natural speaker, you will need to cultivate good speaking skills such as: • Use of good body language • Voice projection • Use of humor correctly • Pronunciation, eye contact pausing and emphasis skills • Timing of your speeches

  5. Characteristics of Successful Speakers • Great speakers share certain qualities and characteristics that make them excel in their field. • An inspiring speaker needs to know his subject matter, be confident in his abilities and be able to relate well with his audience. • Many people have the ability to give a motivational speech; not all, however, can establish a career out of motivational speaking.

  6. Personal Motivation for their Profession • Great speakers believe in what they’re doing and are personally motivated for their profession. • Their performances bear witness of their commitment to excellence. • They give 100% to every engagement, big or small, and have the drive and determination to get their work done. • In order to inspire others, motivational speakers need to be genuinely inspired themselves with their subject matter and believe in the principles they preach. • A great speaker will reflect optimism and sincerity in his speeches, inspiring listeners to follow his or her advice.

  7. Ability to Connect with Others • Great speakers know how to connect with their audience. • They have empathy for the problems and difficulties people face in their lives and are genuinely interested in helping people reach their goals. Some speakers use humor to connect with their audiences; others share their personal life stories, to include hardships, insecurities, past failures and mistakes. • Knowing the speaker has gone through tough times yet has come out on top gives hope and encouragement to others that they can do the same. • People gain confidence from listening to speakers who are not afraid to show they are “real.”

  8. Good Speaking Voice • Having a good speaking voice is a major plus for a public speaker. • A good speaking voice will resonate well throughout a room or auditorium and make it easier for the speaker to get his message across. • This is where learning to develop voice projection and enunciation skills comes in. • Not all speakers are naturally gifted with eloquent speaking skills that captivate audience attention. • Most have to practice and hone their speaking skills in order to deliver their message effectively and engage their listeners. • Personal motivation, confidence, optimism, empathy for others and a good speaking voice are some of the most important qualities you need to become a successful motivational speaker.

  9. The Effect of Motivational Speakers on Youth • Youth motivational speakers are having a tremendous effect in mentoring youth around the world. • According to Kevin Mincher, British youth leader and founder of the organization Unstoppable Teen, “Effective youth leadership is the process of empowering young people to willingly be more than they normally would.” • Through youth workshops and personal development seminars, Mincher and other youth motivational speakers are doing their best to accomplish this goal. • Many young people are benefiting from encouragement and guidance these youth speakers have to offer.

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