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The RW Concrete Church -Spiritual Serenity! PowerPoint Presentation
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The RW Concrete Church -Spiritual Serenity!

The RW Concrete Church -Spiritual Serenity!

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The RW Concrete Church -Spiritual Serenity!

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  1. Compiled by Team IAnD Photography: Stijn Poelstra; Courtesy Zecc Architecten BV The transformation of the old water tower into a spectacular architectural structure - the watchtower, now gives a 360 degree look at of De Wieden while in the Dutch province of Overijssel... Situated inside the middle of a protected character reserve owned by Character Monuments, this is certainly the story of a flight of stairs that lead you up to the height of 45 m, where through four expansive windows, a panoramic watch with the scenic landscape unfolds, enthrals and holds you captive. Designed by Zecc Architects, the journey upstairs begins using a closed staircase that leads to the first floor at a 4 m. height. Here, you may have arrived within a room that's 24 m. in height and houses a spectacle of outdated and new stairs. The new stairs manufactured of wood add warmth that directly contrasts while using the stark concrete walls with the tower; metaphorically averring on the shopper - Mother nature Monuments - by applying a uncooked and unpolished natural material. By adding the new route complementary to the aged existing a person, spatial interaction is created. Where the aged stairs led up alongside the walls, the new stairs zigzag across the tower to reinforce spatial perception. The new stairs lead up to the stage with the floor just below the immense concrete reservoir at 28 m. height. From this degree, where the original stairs went up through a tight space alongside the exterior of the tank, now a steel winding staircase departs from the floor below the

  2. reservoir and goes appropriate through to the bottom with the empty tank. They slowly wind up alongside the walls and intensify the spatial perception from the reservoir, the heart of your tower. You feel feeble as a visitor as you comprehend the import in the huge quantity of water that used to provide h2o pressure with the whole region. As you reach the top from the tower, you arrive at the lookout post. The -˜lid' of your tank has become partly removed in purchase to create steps to offer you far more of an overview for groups at the look-out post. The transparent raster floor makes you imagine yourself to get appropriate inside the middle of your tank. Alongside the four little existing windows, four huge ones have already been added that complete the view of De Wieden. Your intrigue turns to unabashed excitement as you soak within the see. -œRepurposing the water tower was an intensive task. Not inside the least mainly because of the procedural actions due to changing the zoning plan or eradicating any objections or doubts from the inhabitants with the surroundings, who normally view the tower as their communal residence; but since the water tower is usually a national monument, which built alterations to the exterior and interfering using the reservoir a difficult stage. The strength of this plan lies in the combination of extreme restraint on the exterior and an architectural statement on the inside of of your tower,-conclude the architects. to look at images click on

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