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NCEXTEND1 Reading & Mathematics Grades 3–8 Science Grades 5 & 8 PowerPoint Presentation
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NCEXTEND1 Reading & Mathematics Grades 3–8 Science Grades 5 & 8

NCEXTEND1 Reading & Mathematics Grades 3–8 Science Grades 5 & 8

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NCEXTEND1 Reading & Mathematics Grades 3–8 Science Grades 5 & 8

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  1. NCEXTEND1Reading & MathematicsGrades 3–8Science Grades 5 & 8

  2. Testing Schedule, Materials Pick up, and Return for EXTEND1 Grades 3–8 Reading and Math; Science Grades 5 and 8

  3. Eligibility NCEXTEND1 Reading, Math, Science p.2 The NCEXTEND1 Alternate Assessment is designed for students with disabilities who: have a current Individualized Education Program (IEP); are enrolled in grades 3–8 or 10 according to NC WISE; are instructed in the North Carolina Standard Course of Study Extended Content Standards in ALL assessed content areas; and have a SIGNIFICANT COGNITIVE DISABILITY (i.e., exhibit severe and pervasive delays in ALL areas of conceptual, linguistic, and academic development and also in adaptive behavior areas, such as communication, daily living skills, and self-care).

  4. Test Administrators/Proctors Certified staff Assessor 1 must have training in the specific content areas, be familiar with the NCSCOS Extended Content Standards, have routine contact with the student being assessed, and be the student’s primary teacher for the assessed content area. Assessor 2 must have routine contact with the student being assessed. Proctors – Training and statement (blue handout)

  5. Test Materials • Test Administrator’s Manual for the NCEXTEND1 Tests of Reading, Mathematics, and Science • one manipulative kit per grade level • one Reading Selection Book per grade level (for the NCEXTEND1 Test of Reading only) • one Student Assessment Booklet per content area (i.e., reading, mathematics, science) per grade level • Two single-page Assessor Rating Sheets per content area (i.e., reading, mathematics, science) for each student being assessed (page 54). • Calculators (four function) • Counters - 4th grade math only

  6. Assessment Design p.25 No max. time. After est. time, give students a 3-minute break every 30 minutes.

  7. Students with disabilities who are also identified as limited English proficient (LEP) may require accommodations due to language proficiency. These must be documented in the students’ LEP documentation. • Word to Word Bilingual dictionary is available for students who scored below 5.0 on the reading subset of the ACCESS for ELLs. • Adaptations to NCDPI-Provided Manipulatives, such as raised lines, enlarged text/pictures, placement of pictures on information boards, and use of student-specific symbols are allowed. Adaptations to NCDPI-provided manipulatives may be created by Assessor 1 as needed for those students who routinely have adaptations to materials for instructional use. This accommodation may be used only for the NCDPI-provided manipulatives. • Review of Accommodations Used During Testing Buff-colored handout - Located on the Testing webpage

  8. Makeups, Restest, and Misadministrations Makeup Testing: • Makeup sessions are to extend up to 2 weeks (10 working days) from the date of the scheduled test administration for each test. The count for makeup days for each test begins with the first working day after the regular administration. Restest/Misadministrations: • Reading, Math, and Science: • One form of the NCEXTEND1 tests. • Administer the NCEXTEND1 test(s) no earlier than 5 consecutive calendar days following the conclusion of the prior administration.

  9. OTISS – System for Reporting Test Irregularities Account set up (NC ID) Approval procedure Training/manual TC responsibilities

  10. Using NC Education to Enter Data p. 27 • School TCs will match assessors. • Assessor 1 will • review the Student Background Data (SBD), • complete the Student Assessment History, create Achievement Survey (anticipated grade, and anticipated achievement level), and • enter the test accommodations that were provided to the student during testing. • Both Assessor 1 and Assessor 2 will • Independently enter student scores, and • Independently answer the assessor survey questions.

  11. Retest • No separate supplement for Retest 1; information on Retests located in each TAM. • All students who score Achievement Level II on Regular administration must take Retest 1. • Parents not allowed to opt out of Retest 1 for Level II students. • Parents may request their Level I students take Retest 1. LEAs must grant all requests. • Retest 1 may be given at any time following the Regular administration as long as scores are submitted to the NCDPI by 5:00 p.m., Friday, June 29, 2012. Exemptions from Retest 1: • Students identified as limited English proficient (LEP) and in their first year in U.S. schools who score below Level 4.0 Expanding on the state-identified English language proficiency reading placement test are exempt from Retest 1 for mathematics and science. Note: This exemption from Retest 1 does not apply for reading because the aforementioned students are not required to take the Regular administration of reading.  • Students who receive a medical exemption for the Regular administration of the test are also exempt from Retest 1. (All medical exceptions must be approved by the Division of Accountability Services/North Carolina Testing Program.)

  12. Required Assessor Profile in NC Education

  13. Using NC Education