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Grade-A-Gator Grades Anytime Collection System PowerPoint Presentation
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Grade-A-Gator Grades Anytime Collection System

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Grade-A-Gator Grades Anytime Collection System
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Grade-A-Gator Grades Anytime Collection System

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  1. OUR Grade-A-GatorGrades Anytime Collection System

  2. Housekeeping Roster routed at end of workshop Break Restrooms Cell phones, pagers, text messaging Workshop counts as an elective toward Pro3 certification—Academic Department Support Do not need to do anything to get credit; it will be given automatically based on roster

  3. Today, We Will … • Explain the grades collection process at UF • To do that, we will: • Discuss the role of the grade coordinator • Demonstrate how to authorize someone to enter grades • Discuss available administrative reports • Discuss grade collection system • Calendars • Grade scales-assigning failing grades • Writing requirement ‘grade’ (GR)

  4. Grades Organization Chart College Dean College Grade Coordinator College Grade Coordinator Department Grade Coordinator(s) Department Grade Coordinator(s) Section Graders Section Graders Section Graders Section Graders Registrar’s Office can identify and work with Deans and Grade Coordinators Coordinators work with Graders

  5. O.U.R. sends memo to College Deanwith authorized college gradecoordinator(s) listed Dean confirms whether the college grade coordinator(s) should still beauthorized (via memo) Grade Authorization

  6. O.U.R. will ask college grade coordinator(s), via listserv, to review and authorize department grade coordinators in ISIS Admin grades system College grade coordinators will add new, delete existing, and/or approve listed department grade coordinators Grade Authorization When adding or deleting, coordinators must update information in ISISAdmin>Grades and complete Grade Coordinator Authorization Form

  7. Department grade coordinators thenauthorize graders for each section online (No paper forms necessary) Any questions? Grade Authorization

  8. Grade Authorization • College grade coordinators automatically have access to all sections within their college (must enter through Quick Links > ISISAdmin) DON’T NEED TO ADD YOURSELF AS GRADER • Department grade coordinators automatically have access to all sections within their department(s) (must enter through Quick Links > ISISAdmin) DON’T NEED TO ADD YOURSELF AS GRADER

  9. The Role of a College Grade Coordinator • Coordinates the authorization of graders • Ensures department grade coordinators and graders are trained • Disseminates information and critical dates to department grade coordinators and/or graders • Coordinates problem resolution with O.U.R. on behalf of department grade coordinators and graders

  10. The Role of Department Grade Coordinator • Coordinates grading on behalf of their department(s); trains new graders • Ensures grades are entered by designated graders based on grading calendars • May enter grades • Disseminates information and critical dates to graders • Coordinates problem resolution with O.U.R. staff on behalf of graders

  11. Grades Authorization: Sign on

  12. Grades Authorization: Sign on Click on “Main Menu,” then “Quick Links”

  13. Grades Authorization: Click on ISIS Admin Click on “ISIS Admin”

  14. Grades Authorization: Open Grades Folder Click on “Authorizations”

  15. Grades Authorization: College Coords: Open Assign DeptCoord Choose the department from the listing to begin assigning or approving department coordinators College coordinators are approved by Dean’s Memo

  16. Grades Authorization: Add or Approve Coordinators You may add a new department coordinator or approve the coordinators rolled forward from the previous term’s authorizations

  17. Grades Authorization: Confirm or Delete Coordinators Confirm all coordinators have been approved, add new coordinators, or delete coordinator access

  18. Grades Authorization: Critical Information • The authorization system updates overnight • Monday through Friday (no updates on Saturday or Sunday) • Newly authorized graders/coordinators will not have the ISISAdmin “Grades” folder in the portal until the next day, after the system updates

  19. Grades Authorization: Critical Information • New department coordinators must have proper security for system to accept • Need student records access (security paperwork required) • Need grades authority access (grades authorization paperwork required) • System will alert you that paperwork is needed and provide contact information

  20. Assign Graders: Who Will Enter Grades • Colleges will determine how grades are entered in the system. • By faculty • By college coordinators • By department coordinators • By alternate graders (secretary, TA, GA) • By any combination of the above

  21. Assign Graders: Assigning Graders Click on “Assign Graders”

  22. Assign Graders: Choose Term if Necessary

  23. Assign Graders: Click on Section Number See assigned graders

  24. Assign Graders: Add Graders Graders may be staff, faculty, TAs, grade coordinators —College decides Add UFID and indicate “Y” in Grader column

  25. Assign Graders: Choose View by Dept/Course/Section You will see at a glance all assigned graders and the designated instructor – Security Report View

  26. Assign Graders: Verify All Sections Have Graders This view will show you sections that still need graders, if appropriate. You determine if a specific grader should be assigned.

  27. General Information: Security Reports • E-mail will be sent 2 weeks (on Wednesdays) prior to the Grades Calendar opening to alert you of sections that do not have an assigned grader other than the grade coordinators • View by Dept/Course/Section screen in Assign Graders in the Authorization folder to add graders if applicable

  28. General Information:Displays When Grading Opens

  29. General Information:Use the Demo System for Training Click on “Demo Grade a Gator,” then “Click Here to Start …” Notice the Demo System has a yellow background

  30. General Information: Use Demo for Practice Click on highlighted section to open or enter term and section, then click “Go”

  31. General Information: All Functions Should Work • Up to 10 “students” will display—the section numbers and UFIDs will be valid, but student names will not be valid. • Demo is used to test access and functions and provide an opportunity to become familiar with the collection system. • Check out the highlighted portions to include Writing requirement met/not met feature and grade scales

  32. Administrative Reporting

  33. Administrative Reporting: Access ISIS Admin • Sign onto the myUFL portal • GatorLink Username and Password required • Choose Quick Links from the menu • Choose ISISAdmin

  34. Administrative Reporting: Open Grades Folder

  35. Administrative Reporting: Click to Open Collection Folder

  36. Administrative Reporting: Grading Period Calendars • View all calendars for your college or department – both current and future • See dates when each grading period will open and close • See number of sections to be graded during each period

  37. Administrative Reporting:Browse Grade Calendars Select term from drop down menu and click “Submit”

  38. Administrative Reporting:Future Grading Calendars Future calendars will display after open calendars. Click on section number to see grade roster

  39. Administrative Reporting: Grading Periods Click on Total Sections to view all sections available for grading during the open grading period

  40. Administrative Reporting: Grading Periods cont. View when grading opens and status of grade collection

  41. Administrative Reporting: Sections to Grade Verify that all sections for a grading period are displaying. Verify that all sections are in the proper grading calendar.

  42. Administrative Reporting: Grades Status Summary If you are responsible for multiple departments, choose a department to view from the drop down menu and click “Refresh”

  43. Administrative Reporting: Viewing Grades Summary Data by Department Highlighted numbers show total sections, full or partially graded sections, sections with no grades assigned, and percent of outstanding sections with bar graph

  44. Administrative Reporting:Department Sections To print or final submit a grade roster, click on “Print” or “Finalize” To view individual grade rosters, click on “Grade”

  45. Administrative Reporting:Outstanding Sections within Department Allows you to see, at a glance, how many students have been graded in each section Shows which sections have been officially submitted and finalized

  46. Administrative Reporting: Grade Roster Grades will display in the Grade field This section has not been finalized, so grades can still be entered

  47. Administrative Reporting:Finalized Grade Roster Grades no longer can be entered Contact Grades HelpLine to reopen section if grading period still open

  48. Administrative Reporting: Archived Grade Rosters Archived Rosters in ISIS Admin begin with the Spring 2009 graded sections Click on “Grading Periods,” then choose “Archive Grades Rosters”

  49. Administrative Reporting: Choose Term Needed For Archived Roster For Archived Roster

  50. Administrative Reporting:Choose Department, Course or Section Click on the section you wish to view