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Angela Bracco - Università di Milano and INFN Tokyo, 29 August 2017 PowerPoint Presentation
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Angela Bracco - Università di Milano and INFN Tokyo, 29 August 2017

Angela Bracco - Università di Milano and INFN Tokyo, 29 August 2017

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Angela Bracco - Università di Milano and INFN Tokyo, 29 August 2017

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  1. The NuPECC Long Range Angela Bracco - Università di Milano and INFN Tokyo, 29 August 2017

  2. Outline • NuPECCmission • The new long rangeplan • the science • facilities and recommendation • ….fewremarks on the world wide context • Conclusion

  3. The European Expert Board for Nuclear Physics associated to ESF • Representing about 6000 scientists • Members: 31 institutions from 21 countries • JINR Dubna recently joined • In global context with • Member of WG9 of IUPAP • AnPHA (Asia) • NSAC (USA) • Canada • ALAFNA (south America) Angela BraccoAugust 2017

  4. Mission and activites • Nuclear Physics European Collaboration Committee • founded 1988 by subscribing national research councils, who nominate nuclear scientists as their representatives. • Objective of NuPECC: • “To strengthen European collaboration in nuclear science through the promotion of nuclear physics and its trans-disciplinary use and applicationin collaborative ventures between research groups within Europe” • Major Tasks • Advise Funding Agencies • Identify key scientific issues – specific focus reports were issued • Develop Long Range Plan for Nuclear Science in Europe in a global perspective NuclearPhysics News ( 4 issues per year) – distributedworldwide

  5. Perspectives of Nuclear Physics in Europe 2017 LRP 1991 2004 2010 1997 new! • The LPR identifiesopportunitiesand priorities for the nuclear science in Europe • The LRP provides the EuropeanCommission and nationalfundingagencies with a framework for coordinatedadvancesin nuclear science in Europe Angela BraccoAugust 2017

  6. NuPECCtown meeting in Darmstadt January 2017 Exciting discussions were triggered and conducted by the community at town meeting and working group meetings Angela BraccoAugust 2017

  7. Executive summary • with recommendations • Main features of • existing and up-coming • facilities • 6 chapterson achievmentsand plans for the differentthemesdefiningtodayNuclearPhysics Recentlyreleased Angela BraccoAugust 2017

  8. Nuclearphysics and the evolution of the Universe NuclearPhysics with itsdifferentresearchdomainsaddressesseveralkeyissues for the understanding of the differentstages of the evolution of the universe Nuclearstructure Nucleosynthesis reactions for astrophysics Compressed nuclearmatter QCD QCD in hot compressed matter To tackle the differentproblemsoneneeds adistributedapproach and efforts : differentacceleratortypes and energies Mainissue : coordination and connectionsamong the differentactivities

  9. The NuclearPhysics domain 1) Hadron Physics Phases of Strongly Interacting Matter 3) Nuclear Structure & Dynamics 4) NuclearAstrophysics 5) Fundamental Interactions Nuclear Physics Tools & Applications Study of nuclear matter in all its forms and exploring their possible applications Quark dynamics Nuclei atextremes Hot baryonic matter Nucleosyntheses NuclearPhysics today Fundamentalint. Applications Nuclearphysics isverybroad !

  10. Hadron Physics • How ismass generated in QCD and whatare the static and dynamicalpropertiesof hadrons? • How does the strong force emerge from the underlying quark-gluonstructure of nucleons? • Test of non-perturbative QCD to addressparticularaspects: • the spatialquark distribution in p • connection betweenquark dynamics and quantum numbers (spin and orbitalangularmomentum) • spectroscopy and dynamicsatdifferentenergyscales. Needs: large variety of complementaryexp. in NuclearPhysicslaboratories (electromagnetic, hadrons) designed for thesequestions PANDA / FAIR antiprotons : open issues in quarksdynamics of meson ad baryons with high resolution Proton radius puzzle- New measurements plannedat MESA(MAMI Mainz)

  11. Properties of StronglyInteractingMatterat extremeconditions of temperature and baryonnumberdensity QGP turnedintohadronfewμsafter BB. QGP notseen in astronomicalobservations and thusisrecreated in the lab with HI withinvolumes of nuclearsize. ALICE devotedto study the differentpropeties (flow and particle production) of the QGP --- ManyStudiesalsoatLHCb, ATLAS and CMS HADES NICA CBM NA61/SHINE for propertiesat the onset (neutronstars) AFTER fix target under exploration From QCD: abovea criticalenergydensity (0.3 GeV/fm3) , a gas of hadronsundergoesa deconfinement (and chiralsymmetryrestoration) ALICE result in Nature Enhanced production of multi-strange hadrons in high-multiplicityp-pcollisions Low-energy

  12. Nuclearstructure and reactiondynamics discoveryfrontier(new isotopes, new elements, etc.), and moreovermeasurethe differentnuclearproperties • Where are the limits of stability and whatisthe heaviestelement? • • How doesnuclearstructure evolve(also with T and L) and whatshapescan nuclei adop ? • • How complex are nuclearexcitations? • • How do correlationsappear in diluteneutronmatter? • • Whatis the density and isospindependenceof the nuclearequation of state ? Nucleon orbitals mass Transition prob. Collectivityshapes Spin, parity e-m moments decays Radius

  13. Nuclearastrophysics What are the nuclearprocessesthatdrive the evolution of the stars, galaxies and the Universe? • Variouosnucleosynthesisprocesses • BBN • Explosive • nucleosynteses • Interplay of: • nuclearstructure • Nucleardecays • half-lifes • nuclearreactions • Nuclermasses l Primordial7Li nucleosyntesis 8B neutrinos for solar model Ab-initio calculations mass data favour Core Colapse Supernova in thisregion contributions 129-131Cd ISOLDE Nature pub The lowestenergyatLUNA –LNGS LUNA MV in the nextyears -12C abundance Atanasov, PRL115 (2015) 232501

  14. Symmetries and Fundamentalinteractions More and colderantiproton in ELENA From 2017 • High precisionstudiesatlowenergies to test interactions and symmetries • Complementaryto experimentsat the highestenergies and offersensitivities to new effectsbeyond the Standard Model • Amongthem : • EDM of the Neutron • Symmetries in antimatter (antihydrogen) • Electron and • neutrino correlations • for the weakinteraction Experimentsat AD (antiproton and antihydrogen) Spectroscopy Gravity ALPHA AEgIS ASACUSA GBAR ATRAP G. B. Andresen et al., Nature 468, 673–676 (02 December 2010) M. Ahmadi et al., Nature 541, 506–510 (26 January 2017) ACE BASE Matter- antimatt interaction Symmetries (at ISOLDE) ASACUSA Science pub

  15. Applications and societal benefits CERN Contributions t o medical applications • Applicationsfrom basicNuclearPhysics • Researchhave a large impact on everydaylife. • Society benefits from basicNuclearPhysicsresearch (knowledge on nuclearstructure, decay, nuclearreactions) • in areasas: • nuclear medicine, • energy, environment • cultural heritage • nuclearstewardship and security. Exploitation of competence from ISOLDE Nuclear data -evaluation A report on NuclearPhysics For medicine Released in 2014 by NuPECC

  16. Perspectives of Nuclear Physics in Europe Because of its nature (differentbeams of differentenergies ) and differentsizes of set ups the activities in Nuclearphysics are distributed in severallaboratories NuPECC long rangeplancontains the future plansof the existingand and plannedfacilities LRP concerns the severalfacilities in the field of Nuclear science (of differentsize and types) in Europe . NuPECCenhancestheircoordination and connections Angela BraccoAugust 2017

  17. Recommendations Complete urgently the construction of the ESFRI flagship FAIR and develop and bringintooperationthe experimentalprogrammeof itsfourscientificpillars APPA, CBM,NUSTAR and PANDA. Supportfor construction, augmentationand exploitationof world leading ISOL facilitiesin Europe. Support for the full exploitation of existingand emergingfacilities Support for ALICE and the heavy-ionprogrammeat the LHC with the plannedexperimentalupgrades. Support to the completion of AGATA in full geometry

  18. CBM/HADES To to realize in phases- phase 0 on goingusing GSI SIS18 p-Linac SIS100/300 UNILAC APPA PANDA Rare-Isotope Production Target HESR • Conception of FAIR 4 scientific pillars • APPA (atomic and plasma) • CBM • NUSTAR • PANDA Anti-Proton Production Target CR &RESR Cryring NESR 100 m NUSTAR Large facilitycoveringallthematics in the nuclearphysics domain

  19. The ISOL FacilitiesRoadmap User communities SPIRAL2 GANIL SPES INFN ISOLDE CERN User communities ISOL@ MYRRHA SCK-CEN ISOLDE CERN User communities SPES at LNL JYFL … ALTO IN2P3 User communities COPIN • A distribute laboratory for radioactive beams: • More exotic beams available • Coordination of competences to face EURISOL technologic challenges • Joint effort to manage the activity at European level SPIRAL2-France ESFRI- Landmark DF To be submitted for application in the ESFRI list

  20. SPES at LNL LINACALPI building HRMS Target CB+ MRMS Phase 3b ISOL_1 Phase 2a Phase 3a RFQ . Cyclotron Phase 2b - RFQ - RIB line to ALPI - ALPI up-grade Applications and Radioisotopes Beam Cooler FissionFragments beams 10-11 MeV/amu for A=130-140 Additional 8 cavities in ALPI

  21. Up-comingFacilities Ultra-short High power laser pulse (25fs) 2 X1O PW 2) GAMMA beams high flux , monochromatic, G~qqs10–3 , E= 0.2-19 MeV In Bucharest : one pillar of the distributed facility ELI ( in the ESFRI list) Nuclearastrophysics-Nuclearstructure-applications – start in 2019-20 NICA at JINR NICA -commissioning in 2019 sNN = 4-11 GeVheavyions L~1027 cm-2 c-1 (Au) p↑ (d↑) of sNN up to 26 (13) GeVL ~ 1032 cm-2 c-1 QCD test and hot barionicmatter synergies with FAIR SHE factoryat JINR Experimentsfor σ<100 fb : • Synthesis of new SHE….(Z = 119, 120) • Study of decayproperties of SHE First exp 2018 48Ca 1014 pps

  22. Support for ALICE and the heavy-ionprogrammeat the LHC with the plannedexperimentalupgrades. • Correlations and fluctuations • Jet structure • γ-jet and Z-jet correlations • Low-mass dileptons • (Anti-)(hyper-)nuclei • Charm and beauty energyloss and • degree of thermalization in the medium • Charm production mechanism(s) • Charm elliptic flow (in-medium • hadronization or atphaseboundary)

  23. Support to the completion of AGATA in full geometry AGATA represents the state-of-the-art in gamma-rayspectroscopyand is an essentialprecisiontoolunderpinninga broadprogramme of studiesin nuclearstructure, nuclearastrophysics and nuclear reactions. AGATA willbe exploitedatall of the large-scale radioactive and stablebeamfacilitiesand in the long-term must be fullycompletedin full 60 detector unitgeometry in order to realisethe envisagedscientificprogramme. AGATA willbe realised in phases with the goal of completing the first phase with 20 units by 2020. Coupling with ancillariesis essentialpoint

  24. Support for NuclearTheory European Center for NuclearTheory and relatedareas Eu Center In Trento (Italy) Computing infrastructures Perform R&D programmes for possible future facilities Training the next generation of nuclearscientists

  25. ….connections with laboratoriesoutside Europe JPARC TRIUMF HIRFL FRIB-MSU RIKEN NSAC LRP end 2015 BNL RCNP JLAB RISP i-Temba ….butalso with ANL, Belle, …. EuropeanUsers and joint technicaldevelopments with EuropeanLaboratories and Institutions (collaborations for EIC in USA) experiments at these facilities provide complementary information.

  26. Summary and Final Remarks…. Nuclear Physics is and remains to be a very vital field. Exciting science world wide – Europe has strong impact NuPECC LRP will play a role for Nuclear science in giving it the deserved visibility towards the funding agencies and other communities in the international general landscape (e.g. ESFRI). Recommendations are made to enhance European leadership European Facilities – are key players – strong engagement and support to them have been and will be essential for important achievements in nuclear physics Angela BraccoAugust 2017