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Fermented Food Products

Products from Microorganisms . 2. Food and food related productsWhole cells productsCheese and yogurt Fermented fruits and vegetables Organic acidsAlcoholic beverages Flavoring agents: amino acids and nucleotides. 3. Non-food products EnzymeVitamins Antibiotics Biotech drugs. . Lactic

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Fermented Food Products

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    1. Chapter 6 Fermented Food Products

    2. Products from Microorganisms 2

    3. 3

    20. 20

    47. Aspergillus niger Well-known production organism of citric acid and other organic acids. Also a well-known over-producer of enzymes, in particular starch-degrading enzymes and plant cell-wall degrading enzymes.

    52. 1.Biochemistry of citric acid formation EMP acetyl-CoA Gulcose pyruvate HMP oxaloacetic acid


    60. Purification of Citric Acid 1. Broth pre-treatment:heat 2. Filtration 3. Neutralize CaCO3 + Citric Acid ? CO2+ Calcium Citrate 4. Acidifying Calcium Citrate +H2SO4 ? Citric Acid +CaSO4 5.Concentration

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