amoura carter long journey to charlotte n.
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Amoura Carter And Long Journey to Charlotte PowerPoint Presentation
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Amoura Carter And Long Journey to Charlotte

Amoura Carter And Long Journey to Charlotte

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Amoura Carter And Long Journey to Charlotte

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  1. Amoura CarterLong Journey to Charlotte Amoura Carter lives and works in Charlotte, North Carolina as a school teacher. She was born in Charlotte but moved to Stone Mountain, Georgia when she was in the first grade with her family. Carter graduated from Davidson College and worked for a local news station for six months before moving to Beijing, China. In China, Carter taught English, modeled, and wrote for a magazine before returning to her birthplace.She is excited to begin her new teaching position at Garinger High School in August.

  2. Amoura Carter A Year in China Amoura Carter took the road less traveled to eventually become a school teacher. She graduated from Davidson College and moved to Beijing, China, where she lived for a year teaching English, modeling, and writing articles for a magazine. Carter then returned to the United States after a year, having learned much about herself and about Chinese culture, to become a teacher.

  3. Amoura Carter Successful Teacher Amoura Carter earned a Bachelor’s degree in English from Davidson College in North Carolina before she moved to China to work at a magazine for a year and to teach English. After returning to the United States and earning a Master’s degree in Education from Lesley University, she got a job at the Mountain Island Charter School in Charlotte, North Carolina teaching language arts. She is soon to begin a new teaching position at Garinger High School.Amoura Carter learned many lessons during her time at Davidson College and she remained active for the school as an alumnus. She was the Class of 2000s representative for the Davidson College Alumni Association and a staff writer and editor of the Arts and Living section of The Davidsonian. Amoura Carter loves to decorate and plan interior looks and designs.

  4. Amoura Carter Language Arts Teacher Amoura Carter formerly taught seventh grade language arts at Ashley Park K-8 in Charlotte, North Carolina. She started her teaching career as a substitute teacher for a local pre-school and later became an assistant teacher and computer teacher. She earned her first language arts teaching position at Mountain Island Charter School. While there, one of her students’ poems was selected for the grand prize of the Delta Teacher Efficacy Campaign. She soon begins a new position at Garinger High School.

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