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Discovering and Understanding Your Spiritual Gifts PowerPoint Presentation
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Discovering and Understanding Your Spiritual Gifts

Discovering and Understanding Your Spiritual Gifts

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Discovering and Understanding Your Spiritual Gifts

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  1. Discovering and UnderstandingYour Spiritual Gifts Facilitated by J. Alfred Johnson II Director of NAD Adult Ministries


  3. Just As Cars Are Powerless Without Engines • Churches are powerless without The Holy Ghost and His Anointing! Acts 1:8 • Church Growth comes as the result of The Holy Ghost dwelling IN an ON the members as they function in Ministry through God’s SPIRITUAL GIFTS! • 1 Cor 12; Romans 12; Ephesians 4

  4. Ministries Resulting From Spiritual Gifts Are For: • The Building Up Of The Church (Not The Individual! “For the PERFECTING OF THE SAINTS, for the WORK OF THE MINISTRY, for the EDIFYING OF THE BODY OF CHRIST.” -- Ephesians 4:12

  5. Something Special Happens at Baptism! • The Spirit’s presence comes in a special way (1 Cor. 12:13 – Baptized by One Spirit into One Body) • The Believer comes through the “Doorway” to The Church • The Spirit singles out individuals for particular Ministries (1 Cor. 12:11) by distributing SPIRITUAL GIFTS to each, and gives ability to perform those Ministries. (Acts 1:8)

  6. 2 Parts Of The Spirit’s “GIFTING” Ministry • Singles out individuals for particular Ministries– Giving Spiritual Gifts (1Cor. 12:11; Isa. 61) • Imparts the ability to perform those Ministries (Acts 1:8)

  7. Variety of Gifts (1 Cor. 12:4) HG determines who gets the Gifts (v. 11) The Gifts are designed to foster cooperation, NOT DIVISION (v. 13-17) The unique blend of Gifts is ORDAINED BY GOD (v. 18, 21-25) UNITY IS THE NATURAL RESULT (v. 25-27) Ch’s Strength - Diversity of Gifts

  8. Spiritual Gifts Are Not An End In Themselves Spiritual Gifts are useless without ACTIVE SERVICE! USE THEM OR LOOSE THEM!

  9. Everyone Has At Least One Spiritual Gift (1 Cor. 12:11) “All men do not receive the same Gifts, but to every servant of The Master some Gift of The Spirit is promised.” Col. 327

  10. Four General Categories of Gifts • MINISTRY Gifts • MANIFESTATION Gifts • MIRACLE GIFTS (Non-Resident) • MOTIVATION Gifts (1 Cor. 12; Rom. 12; Ephe. 4)

  11. Ministry Gifts • Work for the Church: They provide opportunities for recognized Christian Service through the Church in an official capacity (Ephesians 4) • They include: Pastors and Teachers, Administrators, Prophets , Apostles and Evangelists.

  12. Manifestation Gifts • Show the supernatural results of The Holy Ghost in our lives and the lives of those to whom we minister. • “OOH” and “AAH” Gifts! • They Include: Wisdom, Faith, Hospitality and Knowledge.

  13. Miracle Gifts (Non-Resident) • They appear in those instances when God chooses to show Himself beyond any possibility of question. • They include: Healing, Miracles, Discernment of Spirits, Tongues, Interpretation of Tongues. (1 Cor. 12)

  14. Motivation Gifts • Supply Power to concentrate on a particular aspect of Christian Concern. • They give each of us a BASIC GOAL! • Every Christian has at least ONE of the Motivation Gifts listed in Romans 12:5-8 • Since Motivation Gifts provide the basis the basis for service in the Church – Lets look at them!

  15. Motivation Gifts • Speaking God’s Message – Capacity to proclaim Divine truth so that The Bible comes alive to the listeners. (Peter) • Service (Helps/Ministry) – Ability to unselfishly meet the needs of others. The willingness to invest time, talents, and funds to help others. SERVICE WITH NO THOUGHT OF REWARD.

  16. Motivation Gifts • Teaching – Ability to explain The Word Of God clearly and intelligently, enabling others to grasp truth and act upon it. • Encouragement (Exhortation) – The God-Given ability to urge others to action, lovingly correcting their faults, motivating them to change a course of action without needlessly offending them.

  17. Motivation Gifts • Sharing (Giving) – The capacity to give liberally to provide for others’ needs, whether one has much or little. The special ability to contribute material resources with cheerfulness. • Authority (Administration) – The talent of visualizing long-range goals, then organizing and managing resources and personnel to accomplish these goals.

  18. Motivation Gifts • Mercy (Kindness, Hospitality) – The capacity to feel sympathy for those in need and to reach out in a loving, concerned way to help. • A genuine empathy and compassion for individuals who suffer from distressing mental, emotional and physical problems – with the ability to translate this attitude into cheerfully performed deeds to help.

  19. How To Discover Your Spiritual Gift • Consecrate your life to God and ask Him for wisdom. (James 1:5) • By faith BELIEVE that God has granted you at least one Spiritual Gift. • Review Romans 12:6-8, 1 Cor. 12 and Ephe. 4, asking God to guide you in your sphere of Ministry.

  20. How To Discover Your Spiritual Gift • Examine your feelings and analyze your abilities. If you are productive in a particular area of ministry and enjoy your work – it is likely that you have Gifts in that area. • EXPECT CONFIRMATION FROM THE BODY. • Complete a Spiritual Gifts Inventory (which is only ONE out of the six parts of the Discovery Process)!

  21. ALL GIFTS ARE IMPORTANT! EVERYONE OF US IS IMPORTANT! We cannot all DO the same thing. But we can all DO SOMETHING!

  22. Our Fervent Prayer: “Lord, Impress me with the Gifts You have given me, and grant me wisdom to use them in Your cause. Amen.”