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Septic problems PowerPoint Presentation
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Septic problems

Septic problems

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Septic problems

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  1. Sewer and drain cleaning should be cost effective and efficient. Not only that. But, consumers need to be able to trust a service provider. Therefore, we want to build a relationship with you under our company motto: “Affordable, Efficient and Trustworthy”. We may not of had the opportunity to meet, yet. So, please take the opportunity to visit the “Reviews” tab on this website.  For more details, visit:

  2. Drain Cleaning Service For more details, visit: Drain cleaning service implies the home owner or place of business has a problem with branch line. But not always. A branch line is smaller than the main sewer line. Therefore, if water remains standing in a tub and say, the sink and toilet in that bathroom group does drain, you have a blockage in your tub drain. Therefore, there is a need for a drain cleaning service. However, suppose an in ground swimming pool has a clogged drain. Sewer Cleaning Drain Cleaning

  3. Diagnose A Garbage Disposal Garbage disposers are among the worst offenders when having kitchen sink back ups. This is usually the result of an object, inadvertently being washed into the sink drain and impeding the grinding chamber. (NOTE: Garbage disposers are intended as a companion to the dishwasher. Therefore, garbage disposals are to be used for disposal of small food particles and biodegradable organic matter that arrives in the sink while rinsing dishes.) In the event the garbage disposal is jammed due to a foreign object falling into the grinding chamber, without notice, the disposer’s circuitry will overload and cut out power before the garbage disposer will overheat and self destruct. If your disposal does not make a sound when turned on, the internal circuit breaker has tripped. For more details, visit:

  4. Should I Use A Chemical Drain Cleaner Many homes in Massachusetts and Rhode Island have galvanized and cast iron sewer and drain lines for their plumbing. This type of plumbing material becomes clogged and facilitates occlusion resulting in a slow drain in branch line fixtures, such as sinks, tubs, showers and laundry discharge lines. No air slows down the flow of grey water in a branch and sewer line. Maintenance use of chemical sewer and drain cleaning utilizing caustic, corrosives should not be a consideration. For more details, visit:

  5. Contact-Us For more details, visit: PH: 508-838-9645 EMAIL:JAMESELEASURE@GMAIL.COM Bellingham, MA 02019, USA 02019 MA