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NTGCR Spring Conference PowerPoint Presentation
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NTGCR Spring Conference

NTGCR Spring Conference

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NTGCR Spring Conference

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  1. NTGCR Spring Conference

    PRESENTED BY: VENDOR LICENSING & SCREENING Kelly Myers Licensing Manager Cherokee Nation Gaming Commission Julie Hakman President AmericanChecked Inc.
  2. Vendor Licensing Who should be required to be licensed in your facility? Tribal State Compacts Tribal Regulations Types of Vendor Licenses Gaming Vendors Non-Gaming Vendors Exemptions
  3. Vendor Licensing Gaming & Non-Gaming Vendors - Oklahoma Compact Any person or entity who directly or indirectly provides or is likely to provides at least $25,000 in twelve months. Any person or entity who provides through sale, lease, rental or otherwise covered games, or parts, maintenance or service in connection therewith to the tribe at any time and in any amount. Exemptions granted to professional or legal services or as decided by the tribal gaming commission. Principals and individuals must be licensed in compliance with covered gaming standards. No license shall be issued to an entity if it is determined that one or more of its principals would not qualify for a covered gaming license. Minimum review is 2 years.
  4. Vendor Licensing Cherokee Nation Vendor Licensing Snapshot Notification is received from the Casino operations of a new vendor. Classification of license type is decided. Vendor licensing packet is sent to the vendor and a temporary license is issued for 45 days. Company license application and Individual applications for Principal / Owners / Individuals needing access (physical or remote) are sent to the vendor with the deadline and licensing fees described. If not received within the expiration of the temporary license a notice of suspension is issued. If completed application and fees are received, then the background investigation proceeds. All new vendors are processed and completed within 90 days. Vendor badges are issued to those who need property access and must be worn at all times while on property. Company certificates are issued to approved vendor companies. No badges areissued for to those who are approved for remote access only.
  5. Vendor Licensing Cherokee Nation Vendor Screening Dun & Bradsheet report, business entity search, & principal background. Reference and license verifications. Credit check Web search Licenses are issued to those who need property access and must be worn at all times while on property. Company license is issued to approved vendor companies. No license is issued for remote access only.
  6. Vendor Screening SOS Verification Business Entity Search Website Verification Verify Phone Comprehensive Business Profile Report References Current and Past
  7. Secretary of State Search
  8. SOS Business Entity Search
  9. Dun and Bradstreet Reports
  10. Business Summary
  11. Executive Summary
  12. Credit Capacity
  13. Credit Rating Credit Capacity Credit Worthiness
  14. Stress Summary
  15. Stress Comparison
  16. Viability: 1 Score
  17. Viability: 2 Portfolio Comparison
  18. Viability: 3 Data Depth Industry Service Type Location Revenue # of Employees 12 Month Performance
  19. Viability: 4 Company Profile
  20. Credit Score This Firm has a higher risk of paying in a severely delinquent manner than 98% of all scorable companies in D&B's files.
  21. How to Interpret PAYDEX Scores
  22. PAYDEX Score Risk Interpretation Must have history of 4 experiences. Up to 875 payment experiences are used to generate the PAYDEX Score and up to 80 representative payment experiences are reported in your credit report.
  23. PAYDEX Trends
  24. PAYDEX Trends
  25. Credit Habit
  26. Credit Summary
  27. Payment Summary
  28. Payment Details
  29. Public Filings
  30. Public Filings
  31. History and Operations
  32. History and Operations
  33. Finance
  34. Vendor Screening Best Practices Develop Business Model Matrix (company profile, not individuals) Screen Principles and Onsite Employees Criminal Search based on Address Locator (not past addresses listed on application) Employment / License Verification Job Related ala carte searches: Motor Vehicle Record CDLIS Credit Professional License Verification SSN Verification Homeland Security Search National Criminal Search (750MM +) Multi-State Sex and Violent Offenders Search Federal Criminal Search Civil Search References
  35. QUESTIONS Kelly Myers Julie Hakman