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14 November, 2006

LOOK-LOOK Upscale Retail Packaging and Face Paper concepts. 14 November, 2006. Sustainability / Eco Friendly. packaging: upscale retail visit.

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14 November, 2006

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  1. LOOK-LOOK Upscale Retail Packaging and Face Paper concepts 14 November, 2006

  2. Sustainability / Eco Friendly packaging: upscale retail visit We visited Macy’s and Bed, Bath & Beyond to get a handle on the retail environment and existing packaging. The strongest impression was the sheer volume and variety of merchandise. At Bed, Bath & Beyond, every available surface is covered with products. Frames range from basic, inexpensive plexiglass frames to gold painted frames bedazzled with pearls. Unlike Target, where frames are hung, at the upscale retailers the frames sit on shelves or tables in piles of boxes, with one frame in front or on top as a display of each type. Amid the overwhelming visual clutter, the primary challenge is to provide packaging that stands out, attracting the while not alienating more conservative customers. Most existing packaging is white painted cardboard. All frames, all sizes are boxed. Large stacks of frames look unstable and messy.

  3. Sustainability / Eco Friendly packaging concepts Concept 01: Basic Again, reduction of materials is a good place to start for sustainable design. The raw recycled cardboard has been painted with a semi-transparent white wash to take the deconstructed edge off. Logo and type is knocked out, instead of printed, revealing the natural cardboard, creating a sophisticated appearance. Front and back are visible to reduce material and display more of the product. Made from recycled cardboard, the grain shows through the wash and communicates the natural quality to customers. Natural paper that looks natural Sophisticated aesthetic Simple Design Easy to Recycle

  4. Sustainability / Eco Friendly packaging concepts Concept 02: Luxury Adding more elements to the packaging creates a more luxurious, boutique feel. To this end, many manufacturers currently use a formed plastic lid and ribbons or elastic ties. This package has a cardboard band in reverse color scheme which secures the frame in the open-face box. The open-face box gives maximum visibility to the frame. Copy can be printed on the band. Multiple elements creates a high-end feeling Clean, simple aesthetic stands out in cluttered environment

  5. Sustainability / Eco Friendly packaging concepts Concept 03: Stacking This package is designed to help customers differentiate frames better. When the frames are stacked on a shelf it is difficult to find a given style because all the boxes are similar. A window wraps around the sides of the package to allow a glimpse of the materials and style from all angles. Frames are visible from sides when stacked Maximum protection for frames Simple, unique profile stands out

  6. Sustainability / Eco Friendly packaging concepts Concept 04: Corn / Corrugated Combo Here we combine the recycled look and cushioning/protection of corrugated cardboard, with the cleaner looking, and more sophisticated look of corn plastic. Because it looks like normal plastic, we’ve added callouts to the consumer explaining that it is plastic made from corn, not oil. Clear view of the frame Protected from Dust and from dings Positions Burnes as an Eco leader (very few people are using this plastic commercially)

  7. Sustainability / Eco Friendly packaging concepts Concept 05: All Clear Here we’ve made the entire package from a sheet of corn plastic that is printed, then die cut and folded. The printing communicates to consumers that this is special plastic made from corn , not oil. The consumer is able to see all sides and details of the frame within. Can see the frame from all sides without removing it from the packaging Protected from Dust and Dirt Positions Burnes as an Eco leader (very few people are using this plastic commercially)

  8. Sustainable Face Paper Ideas

  9. Sustainability / Eco Friendly face paper concepts Concept 01: Legacy Inform people of the legacy they are preserving when they buy your frame. Not just preserving a memory of their own, but also the world they call home. Focus on the environments the materials use or protect, and evoke feelings of timelessness to attract aging consumers. Unlike the Target Legacy concept, the image is more subdued, with a wider, more traditional view. Smaller type is more graphically subdued, while capitalization and punctuation follows proper convention. Calm imagery of environments where product grows Timeless serif font gives an objective, journalistic style to information and figures An informative tag is added to the web address

  10. Sustainability / Eco Friendly face paper concepts Concept 02: Family These customers are more focused on family, especially when purchasing picture frames. Accordingly, many of the current face papers have some form of family portrait. Outdoor family portraits are the natural way to tie this theme into the sustainable message. The written message is less specific, as many people are unaware of the concept of sustainability. “Environmentally friendly,” while much more vague, is easier to digest quickly, giving it broader impact. Warm, fun photos of families enjoying nature More casual language Fun, handwritten font creates intimate, personalized feeling Friendly, inclusive message added to web address

  11. Sustainability / Eco Friendly face paper concepts Concept 03: Stewardship This concept implies environmental stewardship as a responsibility to future generations, specifically one’s children. It is important to be life-affirming and warm, not fatalistic and threatening as in “We are destroying the planet.” In other words, let the customer know how buying this frame is helping them preserve nature for their children to enjoy. Again a less specific message is used. Certification is mentioned to lend an air of legitimacy. “Sustainability” is replaced with “responsibility” to avoid confusion and reference the buyer’s own sense of responsibility to their family. Nostalgic imagery of children enjoying nature Timeless style (serif font) Italic font creates a more poetic look

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