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Rhapsody in Public Health (RIPH)

Rhapsody in Public Health (RIPH) . RUG May 12 – 15 Richard Kurzban Thanks to: Rob Byers – Idaho Doug Hamaker - Texas. Public Health Surveillance Systems. Lab Corp. Mayo. HMO. Hospital. 1. N-MSS. Health Dept. N-MSS. Immunization Registry. Local Health Dept. N-MSS. STD*MIS.

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Rhapsody in Public Health (RIPH)

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  1. Rhapsody in Public Health (RIPH) RUG May 12 – 15 Richard Kurzban Thanks to: Rob Byers – Idaho Doug Hamaker - Texas

  2. Public Health Surveillance Systems Lab Corp Mayo HMO Hospital 1 N-MSS Health Dept. N-MSS Immunization Registry Local Health Dept. N-MSS STD*MIS Immunization Registry N : M S S N-MSS N-MSS STD*MIS NEDSS System N-MSS NEDSS System N-MSS N : M S S eHARS N-MSS eHARS N-MSS N-MSS N-MSS PH Lab Systems N-MSS PH Lab Systems Cancer Registry N-MSS Cancer Registry N-MSS N-MSS N-MSS CDC

  3. Rhapsody • What is Rhapsody? • Generic and Multiple Routes • Use as message broker • Communications Points Rhapsody supports • Rhapsody Filters • Supported Standard Message Formats • Hardware and Software Requirements • Some of the uses • Labs to surveillance systems • Conversion of data formats • CSV, XML, HL7, Databases • Public Health Laboratory Interoperability Project (PHLIP) • Rhapsody Applications • The Rhapsody Administrator • The Rhapsody Web Monitoring System • Symphonia Toolkit • EDI Message Designer • EDI Explorer • XML Designer • Map Builder

  4. National Lab NBS STD*MIS State PH Lab Registry LIMS Fixed Other 2.5 2.3.z 2.3.1 NEDSS-MSS Architecture MSS Portal Rhapsody Integration Engine Vocabulary Translation Vocabulary Validation Message Subscription Message Splitter JMS Handler Message Archive State Surveillance Systems State Surveillance System Receiver Sender Vocabulary Management UI (PHINVADS) NBT Components

  5. Lab Report Report manually entered in NETSS Laboratory Reporting (Current) Lab Report on reportable disease generated by automated or manual processes Local Health Departments Report is sent to the local health department Yes UDOH calls local health department or lab to get demographic information, then updates NETSS with new information No UDOH Local Health Departments Local Health Departments Report Faxed to UDOH or local health department Is report complete with demographic info (Name, Address, etc.) NETSS

  6. ARUP Local Health Departments Rhapsody HL7 Lab Report Laboratory Reporting from ARUP (Proposed) ARUP generates lab report for a notifiable disease complete with demographic information Notification is sent to the local health department HL7 Web CMR ARUP submits HL7 message to UDOH which gets parsed and inserted into database UT-NEDSS Users access laboratory reports directly from the UT-NEDSS database through web or application interface

  7. Clinical Health Information Exchange (cHIE)

  8. Rhapsody Functionality • Routes • Console

  9. Rhapsody Routes • Input • Commpoint • Licensing • Process • Filters • Code Conversion • Transformation • Conditional Connector • Routes the message based on the Property • Output • Commpoint • Examples

  10. Input / Output • Rhapsody connects to external systems and applications using a concept called Communication Points. It uses a variety of Communication Points to pass messages into and out of the Integration Engine. If required, administrators can add custom communication points. • Some of the Communications Points Rhapsody supports: • Internet – TCP Server/Client, FTP, SFTP, HTTP(S), SMTP • Database – Oracle, MS SQL, MS Access, MYSQL, Other • Queues - JMS, IBM MQ, MSMQ • Serial (RS-232) - Wrapped Serial, X/Y Modem, Kermit • Application Interface - RMI, COM, SMS, Command Line, Screen Scraping, Web Services • Public Health Information Network (PHIN) – Message Sender, Worker Queue, Route-Not-Read • Other - Directory, Printer, Email, Notification, Sink

  11. Filters • Rhapsody uses the concept of a Filter to perform individual operations on messages within a route. Filters can be connected allowing complex processing logic to be built quickly and intuitively. • Rhapsody Filters include: • Base64 Encoding/Decoding, Character Encoding • Acknowledgement Generation • XSD Validation, XSLT Stylesheet, XML to PDF, XML to RTF, ebXML • JavaScript filter, Execute Command, Search and Replace • Batching/De-batching, ZIP/Unzip • Asymmetric/Symmetric Cryptography, Encrypting/Decrypting • EMPI filters • HIPAA filters, X12 Validation • EDI validation, Code validation, Date Validation • Database lookup, query, and Code Translation • DICOM to XML/XML to DICOM, DICOM JPG Extractor

  12. Texas Route

  13. Texas Route

  14. Console

  15. Message Designer • Message Wizard • Table Validation • Can be customized by Message

  16. Message DesignerMessage Wizard

  17. Message DesignerMessage Wizard

  18. Message Designer Table Validation

  19. Symphonia Mapper • Automated • ToDo • Drag and Drop • Code - Exceptions, Special Conditions etc.

  20. Conclusion • Rhapsody receives ELR’s from • Commercial Labs • Hospitals • PHL • Notifiable ELR’s routed to NBS • Influenza, Foodborne • NND’s (National Notifiable Disease’s) including TB routed to CDC • Do not need a NBS (National Electronic Disease Surveillance System Base System) • STD-MIS, EHARS, NETSS, NEDSS, TIMS, WEB Apps, MESU, Tag Cloud, EPI Gnome,Trisano (Utah national electronic disease surveillance system (UT-NEDSS)), Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), Medical Examiner System of Utah (MESU), new born screening, water quality transfer, real-time outbreak and disease surveillance (RODS)

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