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English Team 9

English Team 9

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English Team 9

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  1. English Team 9 Tuesday, September 29, 2015 Learning target: Today I will reflect upon my informal analysis of Peter Jackson’s use of cinematic elements in The Lord of the Rings film

  2. The Comment Key The numbers mean the following: 1.) Addresses more than one scene 2.) Does not reference the director when mentioning his choices 3.) Language, mechanical errors, and illegibility prevent the reader from understanding 4.) Provides little to no specific evidence 5.) Does not explain how Peter Jackson’s cinematic choices (elements) effectively impact the scene. 6.) No summary 7.) Too much summary

  3. Student Example There are many terribly significant scenes in the film The Lord of the Rings, directed by Peter Jackson. In particular, there was one that was executed quite well. The film begins with Bilbo's birthday party. The scene directly after that, where Gandalf is expelling to Frodo the immense power of the ring, struck me as very well made. The immense and immersive darkness when Frodo entered Bag End to find Gandalf ripping the place apart foreshadowed the coming darkness extremely well. Not only did the lighting fit with the time of day- obviously, it was nighttime, but it gave the viewer a sense that one, something was very wrong, and that something bad was about to happen. Gandalf discovered the great and terrible power that the ring contained, and that Suaron was rising again through it.

  4. Student Examples The music in the background of this scene conveyed a very foreboding message, with deep and dark notes played on basses, cellos, and violins. The intensity of the tempo the music carried when Gandalf was telling Frodo that he must leave right now with the ring explained the dire nature of their situation with the utmost clarity.

  5. Student Examples The body language between Gandalf and Frodo was also spot-on. Gandalf seemed to be saying that the danger was imminent without actually speaking. His eyes were bugged out, and his shoulders hunched, his arms gesturing to Frodo that he must go. Frodo's body language was rushed, very defensive. That was not out of place of course, considering Gandalf was asking him to leave his beautifully safe home to go on a rugged and potentially dangerous quest. Overall, Peter Jackson's directing choices in this scene conveyed the dire and urgent nature of Frodo's task very well. 

  6. Self-Reflection Now that you‘ve received your response, seen other’s responses, and thought through the grading, please answer the following questions: • Pick one of the comments that you received, what can you do to address this comment and improve your writing? • In your opinion, how did you do? How does this compare or contrast with the comments that you received? • Going forward, explain what you will be mindful of when you write your LOTR paper.