welcome to the burnham park yacht club n.
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Welcome to the Burnham Park Yacht Club PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the Burnham Park Yacht Club

Welcome to the Burnham Park Yacht Club

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Welcome to the Burnham Park Yacht Club

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  1. Welcome to the Burnham Park Yacht Club

  2. BPYC - History • Burnham Harbor had been originally built as a lagoon for the Chicago World's Fair, which was held in 1933. Large and protected, the harbor made an ideal location. In 1938, the Park District opened up Burnham Park Harbor for dingy sailing. • The Gage Park Nautical Association held a meeting, changed its name and was incorporated as the Burnham Park Yacht Club. The "Club" facilities in those early days were Spartan, to say the least, there were none. Club members would meet by the rocks directly next to the club, an area that is now known as Northerly Island, peel potatoes, prepare food and enjoy the camaraderie of their group. • This continued until 1941 when a portable warming shack became available that was located on the West Side of the harbor. This shack was relocated to the East Side on Northerly Island, was spruced up, heated, was powered with electricity and became the first "Clubhouse" of the Burnham Park Yacht Club.

  3. BPYC Today… • Our 70th Year Anniversary

  4. Benefits of Membership • Full Bar and Galley Service • 24 hour Shower and Washroom Access • Bar, Galley and Patio Theme Parties • Room available for Weddings, Showers and Private Parties • Meeting Space with Complete AV service

  5. Benefits of Membership - Continued • On The Wind Monthly Club Newsletter • Women’s Auxiliary • Educational Programs • Annual Club Membership Directory Listing • Club Directory Advertising Opportunities

  6. Benefits of Membership - Continued • Complimentary Tender Service throughout the Harbor • Catering and Food Menu for Delivery to your Boat • Ice Delivery to your Boat

  7. Benefits of Membership - Continued • Sail Fleet Racing • Junior Sailing Program • Discounted Mast Stepping • Powerboat Cruising and Rendezvous’

  8. Benefits of Membership - Continued • Reciprocity throughout the United States… As a member of the YCA, the Burnham Park Yacht Club extends member reciprocity to individuals who belong to yacht clubs who are also registered members of the YCA. As a member of the Burnham Park Yacht Club, other YCA Yacht clubs will extend reciprocity membership privileges to you as you travel. The Yachting Club of America (YCA) issues an annual Reciprocity Guide that is a Register of American Yacht Clubs. The Guide includes Yacht Club Name, Year established, Mailing Address, Phone Numbers, Clubhouse address, Calendar period of operation, availability of courtesy dockage, Reciprocity status, if the club has a restaurant/lounge and pictures of the club's burgee. You can check with the BPYC Club Manager about reciprocity to specific Yacht Clubs. Individual copies of the Reciprocity register can be ordered from the YCA website

  9. BPYC – Events • Club Parties and Events are a great opportunity for members, and their guests, to have fun and meet fellow members.

  10. BPYC - Sail Fleet BPYC - Wednesday Beer Can Series BPYC - Lake Michigan Sail Racing Federation (LMSRF) Area III Abe Jacobs Michigan City - Chicago (PTP) Kathryn A. Zukasky Memorial Breast Cancer Awareness Regatta Midwest Open Racing Federation (MORF)

  11. BPYC - Sailing Schools Our program is designed for students between the ages of 8 and 18 to introduce the sport and art of sailing. During the program, beginner students will learn basic sailing techniques from US Sailing Certified Instructors. The Burnham Park Yacht Club has 420 dinghies and Holder Hawks in their Junior Sailing Fleet

  12. BPYC – Power Fleet • Cruising events are a big part of our Power Fleet. Each year the Power Fleet organizing a rendezvous and several other events such as raft offs parties. Prior years rendezvous destinations included New Buffalo, MI, Racine, WI, Saugatuck, MI and Milwaukee, WI. • These events are planned and organized to be great fun for all. Plan on attending these popular events and participate in making them great fun for everyone.

  13. BPYC - Women’s Auxiliary • The Burnham Park Yacht Club has a very active Women's Auxiliary and they are an integral part of the Club. • Its members continually donate tremendous services, club furnishings and donations which are directly responsible for the success of the Club. • The Women's Auxiliary sponsors themed parties throughout the year and are a great opportunity to socialize with members of the Club.

  14. Cost to Join • Initiation Fee - $1500.00 • Annual Dues- $ 1090.00 Total $ 2590.00 • Minimum Monthly Spending: In-Season (April – October) $100.00/month Off-Season (November – March) $70.00/month

  15. Questions…? For more information visit: