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At Yacht Bookings Singapore, you can find the largest fleet of yachts/ boats for rent in Singapore waters. We started off small with just one yacht, 12 years ago and now are proud partners with over 50 yachts in Singapore that are available for charter. Our customers can choose from a wide array of super yachts, catamarans, sailing yachts or even classic wooden yachts.<br><br>Book Now: http://yachtbookings.sg/<br>

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  2. SUPER YACHT Super Yachts or Mega Yachts are very expensive, privately owned, professionally crewed sailing or motor yachts. There is no industry-wide standard for the difference between super yacht and mega yacht. The only legal distinction between them is the length of the yacht - above 24 metres and above 50 metres respectively

  3. SAILING YACHT Plenty of them in South East Asia. Sailing yacht is a leisure craft that uses sails as its primary means of propulsion. They have a keel, centreboard and daggerboard. In recent years, these yachts have evolved from fairly simple vessels with basic accommodation into sophisticated and luxurious boats.

  4. MOTOR YACHT Commonly known as recreational yachts that normally range from 10 metres and above; and made of fibreglass, aluminium, steel or carbon fibre. Clever use of ergonomics allows interior space in the salon for a galley (kitchen), bedroom, navigation area and equipment plus large deck areas in some for relaxation.

  5. CATAMARAN A multi-hulled water craft with two parallel hulls of equal size. It derives its stability from its wide beam hence reducing wave-induced motion. The structure connecting a catamaran's two hulls ranges from a simple frame strung with webbing to support the crew to a bridging superstructure incorporating extensive cabin space.

  6. CONTACT US Yacht Bookings Singapore Street Address:30 Cecil Street, #19-08, Prudential Tower City:Singapore State:Singapore Country:Singapore Zip Code:49712 Phone No.:+65 8180 8352  Email:kiran@yachtbookings.sg Website: http://yachtbookings.sg/

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