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SEN Let’s Celebrate PowerPoint Presentation
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SEN Let’s Celebrate

SEN Let’s Celebrate

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SEN Let’s Celebrate

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  1. SEN Let’s Celebrate What Does Easter Mean To You


  3. Easter is the most important festival in the Christian year. Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ. Easter celebrates the crucifixion of Christ. We remember why Jesus died at Easter.

  4. Jesus came to this earth for us. He helped the sick and the poor. He wanted to make us good. He wanted to make us kind and to care for each other. We should all try to be like Jesus.

  5. At Easter, we remember that Jesus died for us on the Cross. We remember that He forgave our sins. When He died for us on the Cross on Good Friday, we remember that He loved us.

  6. On the day we call Easter Sunday, Jesus rose from the dead.

  7. We celebrate Easter in many different ways. We send Easter cards.

  8. We give Easter eggs.

  9. We might go on an Easter Hunt in our house, in the garden or in school. You don’t have to be very young to enjoy an Easter Hunt.

  10. At Easter we may go to the seaside with our mum and dad.

  11. Easter is the most important time in the Christian calendar because it reminds us of the love of God. God says be kind and be good to others.

  12. Make an Easter card or give someone you love a special Easter egg. Do something special for Easter for someone else. It will make you feel good to make someone happy. Why don’t you think of something kind that you can do this Easter. Think of something you can do for someone else.