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What is Ecommerce Catalog Management? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is Ecommerce Catalog Management?

What is Ecommerce Catalog Management?

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What is Ecommerce Catalog Management?

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  1. What is Ecommerce Catalog Management?

  2. Ecommerce Catalog Management E-Commerce Catalog Management is the process of organizing the products in a specific way to deliver consistent and high-quality data across all sales channels. An online product catalog provides complete information about products like product name, description, category, price, supplier and other related information.

  3. Types Of Catalog Management Catalog Product Data Entry Catalog Category Management Catalog Product Image Processing Catalog Data Cleanup Normalization And Standardization

  4. Catalog Product Data Entry Ecommerce sites need regular product addition/deletion/updates in their online catalogs. Catalog Managers take data from pdf catalogs, or from any other source provided and update online catalogs with quality data.

  5. Catalog Category Management The online catalogs make it quite difficult for the user to navigate the uncategorized items properly. E-Commerce product catalog managers help any business to seamlessly maintain their homogenous categories, product departments, and subcategories.

  6. Catalog Product Image Processing In E-commerce businesses where the product image can make or break a sale, image processing is indispensable. Catalog Managers take care of all image processing requirements – be it enhancing the quality of images or rectifying errors.

  7. Catalog Data Cleanup Data cleanup is crucial process for all ecommerce stores. During this process Catalog Managers clean up the extra product data at regular intervals so that users can get the correct information.

  8. Normalization And Standardization Reviewing the entire catalog and standardizing all aspects of an eCommerce platform is highly ignored. Catalog Managers offer the best user experience by ensuring that your product content is updated and standardized throughout the catalog.

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