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Gemstone Jewelry | Gold Jewelry PowerPoint Presentation
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Gemstone Jewelry | Gold Jewelry

Gemstone Jewelry | Gold Jewelry

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Gemstone Jewelry | Gold Jewelry

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  1. Angles & Vedas Gold Jewelry and Gemstone

  2. Rose Quartz Earrings Rose Quartz brings love in your life as it teaches how to love yourself, especially if you have thought yourself to be undeserving of honest love or UNLOVABLE! It's difficult to receive love from others or give love to them unless we love yourself enough - Rose Quartz brings respect and acceptance for our own being. If you have never received love then Rose Quartz opens your heart to become receptive and if you have love and lost, then it brings comforts and reduces the grief.


  4. ROSE QUARTZ & SMOKY QUARTZ BRACELET Rose and Smoky Quartz work best towards the up lift mint of physical being. Rose fills the heart with love and compassion while Smoky grounds the energy to maintain balance and trust on oneself. Rose heals wounds and Smoky Quartz helps to let go of traumatic past and move forward fearlessly.


  6. Angels and Vedas came into existence in year 2018 with a vision of increasing awareness about the interconnectedness between the Spirituality and Science. As Human Beings our well-being is a function of our spiritual body and physical body. To elaborate it’s definition, our lives is influenced by the material gains and spiritual faith. Material gains includes all the items that we gather to sustain our livelihood to live an respectable lifestyle while the inner happiness and mental peace comes with our connection with the supreme creator. Physical-Self gets satisfied with the material gains and our Higher-Self gets it’s share of satisfaction from it’s connection with universal energy of Supreme Creator. Our happiness depends on the balance we maintain between physical-self and higher-self. In this process of attaining materialistic gains as well as gaining knowledge about energy processes, crystals play a very significant role. They are a gift from Mother Earth which helps in acquiring our desired gifts from nature and they also help in increasing our energies to a level where we can sense our connection with the universal energies and maintain it. About us Gemstone Jewelry