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Gemstone Silver Jewelry PowerPoint Presentation
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Gemstone Silver Jewelry

Gemstone Silver Jewelry

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Gemstone Silver Jewelry

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  1. Larimar is a gemstone unique and native to the mountainous region of the Dominican Republic. Legends speak of its rarity because its occurrence is limited to the Dominican Republic and a few other areas only. Larimar the stone was named by a local artist after his daughter’s name LARissa and MAR meaning the ‘sea’ in Spanish.

  2. The main compound that constitutes for Larimar is a mineral named Pectolite (Sodium Calcium Silicate Hydroxide). Pectolite ranks on the Mohs scale at 4.5 to 5 on hardness. Larimar most commonly occurs in a light blue shade with white marbling throughout. Larimar occurs naturally in terrain area in the Dominican Republic and hence the most common way of its extraction is suggested to be done by human hands to avoid impressions and influences in the extraction process by dynamite or heavy machinery. There are several things however shoppers must bear in their mind before purchasing Larimar gemstones and jewellery. Often dupes for original gemstones at a much lower price than the original Larimar can be sold easily and buyers can be fooled while making a purchase by the jewellery seller. We’re covering you with simple tips today that will help you to buy Larimar gemstones and jewellery in a wiser manner- • If the Larimar gemstone comes in a deep blue colour or bears an un-marbled polish, it’s probably not a real gemstone and is a fake one. Fake Larimar stones can be sold by jewellers easily to ignorant buyers both online and offline. Here, people must always attempt to buy from trusted retailers and jewellers only. Always look for Larimar that reflects a deep blue colour with marble-like finishing. • Often times, other semi-precious gemstones that bear a similar colour and appearance such as blue amazonite, blue lace agate or chalcedony can be easily sold by jewellers as a replica knowingly. Here, you are definitely getting a gemstone, but not a Larimar that your desire for its properties and characteristics. Here, the buyer must know the appearance, texture and colour qualities of a real Larimar to enable him to pick the gemstone wisely.