reasons why email reasons why email marketing n.
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Reasons why email marketing still matters PowerPoint Presentation
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Reasons why email marketing still matters

Reasons why email marketing still matters

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Reasons why email marketing still matters

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  1. Reasons Why Email Reasons Why Email Marketing Still Matters Marketing Still Matters

  2. Is email marketing really dead? Even though some marketer sees email marketing as a traditional marketing statistic, it does not mean that it’s no longer working or effective. The truth is, email marketing is still one of the best options when it comes to a business marketing campaign for the reason that it’s highly efficient and still drive in sales.

  3. With its thorough effectiveness, some marketers have to get a bulk email verifier just to manage their email lists and remove the unnecessary email addresses that could slow down the whole process. If you are having second thoughts, you check out the following reasons on why email marketing still matter:

  4. 1. it’s more efficient than Social Media Although social media is one of the most important components when it comes to any business marketing strategy and a great platform when it comes to audience interaction, email marketing is still the best option if you want to convert your audience to customers or subscribers, according to a research done by Custora, gaining customers through email marketing boost 3x its current number.

  5. 2. it’s cost effective Compared with other marketing campaigns, email marketing is more effective, easy, and inexpensive. Due to this, it allows businesses to reach their ideal number of consumers. Small businesses find it more practical than the traditional marketing channels such as radio, TV, and direct mail.

  6. 3. It can be personalized When it comes to email marketing, what you are actually doing is, you are grouping your audience into lists. Then, you’ll be sending each list with a customized email message that well resonate with your subscribers. By using your email marketing software properly, you are allowed to address your subscribers by name, split the topics through certain members on your lists to be sent and privately arrive within their personal inbox.

  7. 4. Its action oriented If you can observe everyone is actually trained to do something whenever they receive an email. They will reply, click, click-through, forward or even straight buy. In short, email is very transactional in its own nature and you can use that to direct traffic into your website and drive sales. You’ll be able to see the results of your action right away.

  8. 5. It can be measured When you use email marketing you can assure that there is no guess work for the reason that you can track the once who opened your email and the amount of people who unsubscribed. You can get a clear picture of how your email marketing is performing and make the adjustments in order to improve its effectiveness.

  9. 6. Its mobile friendly 91% of people are using their smart phones to check their emails. This means, if you are not going to include email as part of your marketing campaign, you are missing a great opportunity on using a channel that the majority of people use worldwide.

  10. bulk email verifier by Neverbounce: