do you know why email marketing is still important n.
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Do You Know Why Email Marketing Is Still Important? PowerPoint Presentation
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Do You Know Why Email Marketing Is Still Important?

Do You Know Why Email Marketing Is Still Important?

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Do You Know Why Email Marketing Is Still Important?

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  1. Do You Know Why Email Marketing Is Still Important?

  2. One of the hottest marketing techniques for any business is Email Marketing even today. There are a large number of businesses that fail to implement this strategy and thus are missing out on the most important promotional factors for garnering customer interest.

  3. What is Email Marketing and its influence on businesses? Email marketing is simply sending emails or otherwise referred to as newsletter mails to your possible customer base on a regular(daily/weekly/monthly) basis. These Emails have a hidden agenda and that is to stay in close connection with the existing customers or to form new relationships for business growth. Newsletter marketing generally consists of selling or pitching a product or service to the so called prospective consumer group on a daily basis. From the marketing point of view, email marketing is a tool that will keep your brand etched to the minds of the customers. Apart from this it ensures that the loyal customer base is regularly updated regarding new releases.

  4. Building a new Email List Once the Email Marketing sounds convincing, the Email List can be easily generated by prompting the customer base to sign in for these. Another tactic behind this approach is that whenever there is a visitor on the website this sign-up form will appear for the people to subscribe for these. WordPress and other frameworks provide simple and easy tools that helps to generate these kinds of sign in pop-ups whenever a visitor scrolls across a site, just get the design team implement one for your site.

  5. Though getting these sign up forms popping up on the website is an excellent idea of generating traffic ensure it does not turn out to be irritating warding off visitors from the website causing the traffic to drop.

  6. Whenever a business decides to implement a new strategy for taking it to the next level, there should be some mode of operandi that will ensure the approach works and is successful in generating the desired result. The same applies while sending Emails as part of business promotion. How to detect whether the people on the list are actually going through the mails or whether these end up in the spam folders? The chances of the latter ruling out the former is more. A notification with the read and seen message is sufficient to bring a satisfaction for the amount of effort, time and money invested on email marketing. There are several systems for example: the Mailchimp that helps to realize the authenticity of a campaign, whether a mail has reached the expected customer base.

  7. Valuable Information The good old term "Content is King" wins again. The content written in the body of the newsletter or Email actually matters. Remember to maintain a proper balance between promotional and informational content and not to deviate from the main point. This can be done in some simple steps:

  8. Personalization: People like it when they are addressed personally and it gives them a feeling of being valued. It has been found that this kind of approach actually helps in increasing the click through rates(CTR). • Interaction: Responding back or keeping a track of the people following your business and then making certain offers or discounts is a tactical approach to have them engage with you.

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