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Technology and Marketing Workshop Friday, November 6, 2009

Technology and Marketing Workshop Friday, November 6, 2009. Agenda. Photos Embed videos in email Increase email responses Facebook Bootcamp Marketing. Lights, action, camera!. A Picture’s worth a 1000 words… to sell your Club or your Trips.

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Technology and Marketing Workshop Friday, November 6, 2009

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  1. Technology and Marketing Workshop Friday, November 6, 2009

  2. Agenda • Photos • Embed videos in email • Increase email responses • Facebook Bootcamp • Marketing

  3. Lights, action, camera!

  4. A Picture’s worth a 1000 words…to sell your Club or your Trips • Pictures engage viewers--allow them to project themselves into the “fun” • If they are in pictures, people will direct their friends to the site to see the pictures-- increase traffic to your website • Frequently adding pictures to your site gives people a reason for repeated visits

  5. Make the most of your pictures • Don’t limit pictures to a “photo gallery” page • Make your pictures WORK, not your viewers • Make your pictures talk

  6. Use your Photos… • Post them on every page of your website • For upcoming trips, post picture show of last time your were at the resort • Promote events using pictures of last event

  7. Collect Photos • Get members to give you pictures of any & all events & trips • email, burn disk, thumb drive • www.shwup.com • download photos posted by others • Now create!

  8. Collect Photos • Picasa Web Albums • now allows people you invite to add photos to album • you have ability to edit or delete any photos

  9. Make your photos speak to the viewer • Yes, “a picture’s worth a 1,000 words”… but a picture with some words is worth a MILLION • Let the pictures tell a story, sell the fun • Pictures without captions are boring---pictures with inside jokes as captions are worse

  10. Put captions on your photos • Picasa3 • Free download from Google • Easy!

  11. Import your photos Import from camera, file Drag & Drop

  12. Select a photo Choose an action To add text

  13. Add a caption Type anywhere to add text

  14. Pick a color, location Change color Drag caption to where you want it, angle it, etc

  15. Export it or create Export to desktop file Create a “movie” & send to YouTube Create a collage

  16. Make your pictures work, not your viewers…create shows • Picasa 3 • Can automate effortlessly or show your creativity • Can even add caption right in Movie options • Add Music from your collection • Export to PicasaWeb, SmugMug, your website

  17. Creating shows • Slide.com • Create an account • Select a style • Load your pictures • Embed website, send to Facebook

  18. Creating shows

  19. Creating shows • SmileBox.com • Download to your computer • Select a style by type • Load your pictures • Insert captions or text • Send by email, embed website, send to Facebook

  20. Creating shows Smile box

  21. Creating shows • Powerpoint • Not just for business anymore • www.ScrapbookPresentations.com • download backgrounds, textures, photo corners, frames, tutorials • Set up as slideshow with animation

  22. Creating shows • SmugMug.com • Pensacola uses this • Paid photo hosting site $39/yr (standard) $59/year (power) • Can view as gallery or as a slide show • Can have sub-galleries

  23. Good ideas from Clubs Clearwater Presenting their photoshows Maintaining an archive

  24. Good ideas from Clubs Space Coast Lots of pictures from different events all on home page Slide show front and center

  25. However you choose—just do it! Let your pictures tell the fun

  26. Video & Email

  27. Embed slideshow/video into email? • You can’t--unless you are a techno-geek programmer in Javascript or capable of embedding animated GIF using Object tags • But you can USE video/slideshows in your Emails!

  28. Use slideshow/video in email • In a nutshell: add a graphic image in your email that LOOKS LIKE a video, and then link to a hosted video • Take a screen shot of the video displaying in a video player

  29. Use slideshow/video in email 2. Put the screen shot in the email, linked to the page where video is hosted <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/Nsuu1H5njfc&hl=en&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/Nsuu1H5njfc&hl=en&fs=1&" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object> Link code: http://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=Msuu1H5n

  30. Create hyperlinks in email

  31. Improving email response rates

  32. Google Voice for your Club Presented by Phil Reed, Tampa Bay

  33. What Is It? A Phone Service That Is Completely FREE To Make Calls In The U.S. & Canada; Competitive Rates World-wide “Web-based Software Application That Is … Completely Distinct From The User's Telephone Access Lines/Services” Service Started In March 2009 (Formerly GrandCentral) & Remains “Invitation-Only”

  34. Background • 09/10 TBSSB’s Budget Needed To Be Drastically Cut Due To Drop In Club Membership Last Year • Our Budget Woes Forced Us To Look At Ways To Cut Expenses In All Areas • We Have Always Operated Under The Assumption That IRS Required A Phone To Operate As Nonprofit As A 501 (c) (7) • We Wanted To Drop The Verizon PhoneTo Save Close To $600/Yr

  35. Options We Looked At Three Options To Replace Our Verizon Phone • “Vonage” - VoIP Service (Monthly Rate Plan) • “magicJack” - VoIP (Annual Flat Rate) • “Google Voice” – Not VoIP (Free)

  36. Overview--Basics • “Invitation Only” – User Must Have An Established U.S. Telephone Service To Activate Google Voice • Users May Select A Single U.S. Phone Number From Various Area Codes; Or Now Use Your Own Number With Limited Features • Incoming Calls To The Google Telephone Number May Ring Simultaneously Any, All, Or None Of The User’s Configured Phones (Home, Cell, Work) – (Or The Phones Of More Than One Person, E.G., President, Social, Secretary, VP Trips, Etc.)

  37. Overview--Services • Offers Centralized Voicemail & Index-able, Automated Voicemail Transcription, Accessible By PC Or Phone • Provides Automatic Blocking Of Known Numbers, Ability To Switch Lines In Mid-Call, Differentiated Voice Mail Greetings Based On Caller, Call Recording, Etc. • Service Is Configured By The User In A Web-based Application Using The “Settings” Functions; Very Similar To Gmail

  38. Use Google Voice With Your Existing Numbernew! And Get: • Google Voicemail: Voicemail Like E-mail • Voicemail Transcription: Read What Your Voicemail Says • Custom Greetings: Vary Voicemail Greetings By Caller • International Calling: Low Cost Calls To The World • Notifications: Read Voicemail Messages Via E-mail Or SMS • Share Voicemails: Forward, Embed, Or Download Voicemails • Add A Google Number To Get These Additional Features: • One Number: A Single Phone Number That Rings All Your Phones • Free SMS: Send, Receive & Store Text Messages Online • Block Calls: Send Unwanted Callers Straight To Voicemail • Record Calls: Record Phone Calls And Store Them Online • Conference Calls: Join Several People Into A Single Call • Screen Callers: Hear Who Is Calling Before You Pick Up

  39. YouTube™ Videos • A Set Of 19 “How To” Videos Covering All Google Voice Features--- From “Setup” to some of the more Advanced Features • Short -- Minute Or Less

  40. Google Voice for Clubs • A Google Voice Number For A Ski Club Offers Many Possibilities: • Saves Club Money By Replacing Existing Phone & Phone Number • One Number Published Can Ring To Any Phone Or Several Phones At Once, I.E., President, VP, VP Of Trips, Trip Committee Chair, Social, Etc. • Voice Mails Are Transcribed & E-mailed To The Account Holder To Read And/Or Hear The Voicemail From A Computer • Free Outgoing Calls Within U.S. & Canada To Conduct Club Business • A Google Voice Number For A Club Officer Or A Trip Leader Offers A Single Number For Ski Club Business!

  41. Grand Central ++ • Google Voice Has Retained Many Of GrandCentral's Features, With Several Additions: • A Single Google Forwarding Number To All Of The User's Phones • Free Calls And SMS In The US And Canada • Calling International Phone Numbers For As Low As 2 Cents Per Minute – Most Of Europe! • Call Screening: Announcement Of Callers Based On Their Number Or By An Automated Identification Request For Blocked Numbers • Listening In On Someone's Recording Of A Voice Message Before Taking A Call • Blocking Calls From Specified Numbers • Send, Receive, And Store SMS Online • Answering Incoming Calls On Any Configured Phone • Call Routing: Selection Of Phones That Should Ring Based On Calling Number

  42. Grand Central ++ (con’t) • Voicemail Transcripts • Reading Of Voicemail Messages Online • Listening To Voicemail Online Or From A Phone • Notification Of Voicemail Messages Via E-mail Or SMS • Personalized Greetings Based On Calling Number • Forward Or Downloading Of Voicemails • Conference Calling • Call Recording And Online Archiving • Switching Of Phones During A Call • Viewing The Web Inbox From A Mobile Device/Phone • Customize Preferences For Contacts By Group • Ability To Change Your Number For A Fee • Specifying An Existing Phone Number Instead Of The Google Voice Number On Initial Setup

  43. Cool Technology

  44. Cool Technology

  45. Screen Jelly

  46. Lunch

  47. FacebookBootcamp

  48. Facebook.com NOT JUST FOR KIDS ANYMORE (See the article Boomers zero in on social networks, May 14, 2009 USAToday, http://www.usatoday.com/search/results?q=Boomers+zero+in+on+social+networks

  49. Facebook.com • 600,000 new people join each and every day • Over 300 million people active EVERY MONTH including 85 million people in US • Social networking was 23% of internet usage--an 83% increase over 2008

  50. What does Facebook offer? • Personal Profile/Page • It’s all about you, but it can also be about YOU & SKIING! • Groups • Original “multiple participant” portion of Facebook • Liken to a private club--need to be approved to join • Centers around group administrator for content • Fan Page/”Pages”/Public Profiles • Launched in 2008 • For businesses, celebraties, brands to establish a wider audience

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