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Explainer Videos Services - Animation Yogi PowerPoint Presentation
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Explainer Videos Services - Animation Yogi

Explainer Videos Services - Animation Yogi

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Explainer Videos Services - Animation Yogi

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  1. Animation Yogi

  2. Storyboard Creation Once the script is completed and approved, we will create a visual storyboard. A series of sketches that depict the content of each scene in the video. Each visual storyboard frame includes a written description indicating all the elements in that particular scene. It's important that the storyboard accurately captures all your desired ideas, thoughts or concept, as it serves as the basis of the video production process.

  3. Research & Scripting As we receive the answers to your completed questionnaire, Animation Yogi is going to prepare a wonderful and fruitful video script for you. The average script will range from 225 to 450 words for a video length of 90 to 180 seconds. Client can also help us with their own customized 225 to 450 words script or they can instruct our professional writers to deliver a script with a 4 to 5 day delivery timeframe. This will help you spread the main rationale of your business. Remember, the final approved script is the foundation for your video.

  4. Voiceover Recording Once the storyboard and Script is finalized, the voiceover will be recorded by a professional voiceover artist. We recommend providing the voiceover artist with explicit instructions concerning tone, points of emphasis and any other requirements you may have. It's important to select a voiceover artist who can meet your precise needs, as we cannot revise the finalized recording. Expect a 4 to 5 day delivery timeframe for your voiceover recording.

  5. Motion Graphics Video A digital technique that combines and captures video, audio, imagery and text in motion is known as motion graphics. Depending upon the message that you need to convey multiple graphics and other elements can be added to create a motion graphics video. These videos are short, tremendously dynamic and possess an essence of fun due to their constantly varying nature. The constant variation is gripping and 100% comprehension is guaranteed because audiences are captivated. At Animation Yogi, we offer customized motion graphics videos, which make use of several elements and require a few seconds to convey strong meanings and messages to your target audiences. You can promote your organization, your brand, goods and services and also a cause using our extraordinary and compelling videos. When needed, our experts incorporate your company logo or other symbols, along with relevant material to promote your organization and its identity. Motion graphics videos can be distributed and stored with exceptional ease as they do not take up a lot of space. This fact along with the creativity and expertise of our experts increases the reach followed by the impact of the unique motion graphics videos produced by us.

  6. Questionnaire The video production process begins with a set of questionnaire, where you'll have the opportunity to share your thoughts, ideas or vision for your video.

  7. Contact US Animation Yogi No - 63 (#101), 4th Cross, Amar Regency Layout Bangalore - 560043, India +91 9945 5291 16