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PBL Scenarios and Questions PowerPoint Presentation
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PBL Scenarios and Questions

PBL Scenarios and Questions

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PBL Scenarios and Questions

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  1. PBL Scenarios and Questions

  2. Scenario #1 An educational company has asked for your help to create an activity with the following materials. 20 pieces of paper, 4 paper clips, 10 inches of tape and a tennis ball. The activity must teach collaboration/team building skills as well as math and science. Work in groups. You will have 20 minutes to complete and present your group’s results.

  3. Scenario #2 You have been given 20 pieces of paper, 4 paper clips and 10 inches of tape. Your group is to build the highest paper tower possible that will support a tennis ball for 10 seconds when placed on top. The structure is to be free standing and cannot touch any other object that would aid in support. The tape is also not to be used to attach the tower to any other object. One final objective for your group is to make a science or math connection that’s related to this activity. You have 20 minutes to complete.

  4. What were the positives of your assigned activity? What were the negatives of your assigned activity?

  5. Did you work well as a team? What does it mean to “work well as a team”?

  6. Which scenario was problem based and which was project based? How did you know? What are the similarities and differences between problem based learning and project based learning?

  7. To PBL or Not to PBL? There are 2 competing factions in your school- One faction wants to use PBL in their classroom. One does not see the need to use the PBL. WHY”? PBL implementation is tied to a substantial grant opportunity for the school. Your team has been hired to develop an advertising campaign to promote PBL use. You have 90 minutes to design your campaign and be prepared to present it to both factions in the school.