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  1. MY BLOG

    Regardt Kock
  2. What are the positive features of the ways we use the Internet today? There are many positive when it comes to using the internet. firstly for school and business it is a lot easier since research for school projects become so simple, all you have to do now is just type your topic into Google and all the books and research done on the topic would be revealed to you in a matter of seconds. Companies has also found it to be easier since you can do all your banking and meetings through the internet, and you don’t have to waste time in traffic or in a line at the bank. So as you can see there are a lot of positive features for the way we use the internet
  3. What are the negative features of the ways we use the Internet today? There are many negative features that is used by people, some would say there are more negative than positive features. There are some people who uses the internet to steel and spy on others by using social networking, and a lot of people get hurt when this happens to them. There are also those people that has made the internet a easier place to pirate movies, music, games and many other things.
  4. My opinion I think the internet has helped a lot of people I have to admit there is a lot of negative features for the internet but everything has it’s negative and positive side. I think that the positive out ways the negative and that the internet can be used in many helpful way’s to make people’s lives easier and not be a negative influence on people’s lives
  5. Five good causes that I support Red Cross Water Aid Overseas Aid and Development Housing/Homeless Family support
  6. My five causes My first choice is Red Cross since they go to all countries and give support to every one that is in dire need of support My second choice is the Water Aid, I chose them because some countries has a lack of water and water is one of the important things a human needs to survive and that is why they are my second choice.
  7. My five causes My third choice is Overseas Aid and Development because they not only support them but improve their way of living and that is why they are one of my five causes My fourth choice is Housing/Homeless, sometimes we forget about our own problems since we are so focused on other countries that is why I chose this cause because It help’s my own country and the people in it. My fifth choice is Family support, sometimes some families need support because something horrible happened and they do not have the financial or mental support and that is why this is one of my choices
  8. How could we raise money We could have a garage sale in order to raise money We could sell cupcakes at school We could have a sausage sizzle We could open a lemonade stand We could sell cookies to raise money