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  1. RIVAL NETWORKS The Fur Trade from 1670-1760

  2. Canada in the 18th Century

  3. HOW DID ECONOMIC COMPETITIONSHAPE THE FUR TRADE?How did people get rich? Image: Modifications of the beaver hat Horace T. MartinHBCA, PAM 1987/363-C-308/2 (N58-98)Taken From Castorologia, published in London, 1892Hudson’s Bay Company ArchivesProvincial Archives of Manitoba

  4. Who Competed for the Furs?

  5. What was the Hudson’s Bay Co The king of England's cousin, Prince Rupert, knew that there was money to be made in the fur trade. The king gave Prince Rupert and his partners a charter, which gave the company a monopoly. On May 6, 1670, Hudson's Bay Company (or HBC, for short) was formed. It was given all the land whose rivers drained into the Hudson Bay, which became known as Rupert's Land. •

  6. Into the Wild… Hudson's Bay Company trade was not only a one way trade in furs to Europe – it also involved huge amounts of European goods going to North America. These goods included many things: gunpowder, bullets, kettles and pots, beads, weapons, tobacco, fishing hooks, needles, scissors, and much more. These were items that local people could not make themselves. Britain had a very expensive war with France at the end of the 17th century. The French were very successful, and by 1697 had captured all of Hudson's Bay Company forts except for one: Fort Albany. It would be 16 years before Britain regained the others. Adam Sherriff ScottReproduced with the permission of the Hudson’s Bay CompanyFrom the HBC Corporate Collection

  7. Trading Routes

  8. Respond pg 119. How did geography affect Britain's choice of a fur trade territory for the Hudson’s Bay Co. Consider that Britain defined Rupert's Land as the territory containing rivers that drained into Hudson Bat. Why was the connection between rivers and the bay important?