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How To Improve Your Handwriting

Handwriting defines the creativity and nature of men. If you want to improve your handwriting, write as much as u can. Make sure that you are writing in a straight line, alphabets looks similar in size. After completing and improving simple handwriting styles you may choose and practice yourself for different font styles. http://www.takemyclass4me.com/pay-instantly-to-take-my-class-of-history

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How To Improve Your Handwriting

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  1. How to Improve Your Handwriting

  2. Write a paragraph • Choose a topic—anything really—and write at least five sentences about it. If you’re not feeling too creative, simply copy a passage out of a book or newspaper. • The goal is to get an idea of what your handwriting looks like on average. The more you write, the more accurate your analysis will be.

  3. Identify the primary shapes • Is your handwriting full of loops and curves? • Is it primarily straight lines and stiff in appearance? • Do you have hard corners, or do your letters blend together?

  4. Look for a slant • The angle at which you write your letters can make or break your handwriting. Is your handwriting perpendicular to the lines under it? • Does it fall to the left or to the right significantly? A slight slant is typically not a problem, but too much of one can make reading difficult.

  5. Look to other handwriting styles for inspiration • Go onto font websites and look for handwriting samples that you like. Make a copy of each style of handwriting that is feasible for you to mimic. • Don’t be afraid to look for samples that might vary significantly from your own handwriting, as you can pick and choose certain aspects of different handwritings rather than adopting an entirely new one.

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