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Brings you . . .

Brings you . . .

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Brings you . . .

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  1. Brings you . . .

  2. The quest: THE Well and LIFE PROJECT

  3. One of man’s most useful innovations is the well—a very important source of water. Well and Life project is designed to indulge the students in the quest for applying the concept of circle and cylinder to real-life scenario. This project will be done by teams having 5 members. Each team will search for a well, preferably, the one which is located near the school. With creativity and precision, they will find the most logical ways on solving the maximum amount of water contained in that well. They will then analyze the result to draw valid conclusions. Unit Summary

  4. Curriculum-Framing Questions

  5. How to achieve more in life? Essential Question

  6. What is a “well”? How important is “well” to humanity? How does a “well” help humanity conserve water? What geometrical shape can a “well” be compared to? How to solve the maximum amount of water contained in a “well”? What will happen to the total amount of water if the diameter of the “well” is increased? How does it relate to human life? Unit Questions

  7. What is a circle and its properties? What is a cylinder? What is the formula for finding the area of a circle? What is the formula for solving the surface area and volume of a cylinder? How do we derive the formula for finding the surface area and volume of a cylinder? Content Questions

  8. This project will help my students develop 21st century skills by: • Collaborating harmoniously with others • Being creative and precise in identifying and getting the needed measurements to solve the problem • Making innovations on using their knowledge about circle and cylinder • Analyzing the volume of the well • Thinking critically and making valid conclusions based on the result Well and Life Project

  9. Purpose of the Assessment To determine if the students have thoroughly understood the concept of circle and cylinder • What I want to learn from my students? I want to learn their own methodologies of doing the project • How I have tried to promote higher-order thinking? I ask students to analyze the volume of the well and draw conclusions based on the result. • How the assessment information helps me and my students plan for upcoming activities in the unit? If I will find out that my students have difficulty on finding the measurements needed to solve the problem which the project intends to answer, I can give them tips and hints. I will also teach the topic on circle and cylinder again if necessary. In doing these things, the students will have a better approach of accomplishing the upcoming activities in the unit. Gauging Student Needs Assessment

  10. Drills Seatworks Demonstration Synthesis paper Assessment toolS

  11. To find ways of making my students appreciate the importance of mathematical concepts to life • To thoroughly learn the concept of circle and cylinder GOALS FOR THE COURSE

  12. To develop in them the passion to solve mathematical problems • To be effective problem solvers • To be keen to details and good observant Goals for my students

  13. Let the quest begin!