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Damien Rice

Damien Rice. Andie Merkley Music 1010. Biography. Damien Rice Is an Irish songwriter that was born in the outskirts of Dublin. He was raised in Smellbridge , county Kildare , Ireland December 7 th 1973. . Biography.

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Damien Rice

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  1. Damien Rice Andie Merkley Music 1010

  2. Biography • Damien Rice Is an Irish songwriter that was born in the outskirts of Dublin. He was raised in Smellbridge, county Kildare, Ireland December 7th 1973.

  3. Biography • He co-founded a band Juniper in 1991 with friends while attending SalesianCollege. They signed a contract with PolyGram in 1997 and released two singles that reached 9 and 19 on the singles charts. However because of the labels push for the band to release radio fast songs, Damien Rice decided to leave the band in 1998.(Damien Rice biography; all music 2009)

  4. Biography • In 2006 Rice released his second album 9 which was recorded during the two years prior and he also recorded at Abbey Road Studios for the program Live from Abbey Road.

  5. Listening Guide • Listening Guide • Cold Water • 0:00-Opens with chatter and a solo oboe playing the rhythm is picked up by clanking glasses in the back ground and a soft acoustic guitar is strummed which then crescendos. • 0:33-Enters vocals and guitar is still soft but comes more into the foreground. • 1:24- As the music crescendos, a piano is added to the chorus of instruments. A woman whispers joins the music.

  6. Listening Guide • 2:16-Chorus returns with a pause and then returns to soft (piano) quiet feel of the music, and the vocal harmony is joined in with the woman’s humming. • 2:27-The piano in the background plays the melody • 3:10-vocals crescendo and a round between the soprano and tenor and the melody is picked up by strings, including cello, violin and guitar. • 3:35- tempo slowly increasing until it almost seems to climax but then pauses until… • 4:04-Strings and vocals at peak tempo, timber and crescendo. Entire symphony is playing at once • 4:25-4:32- decrease in tempo and leaves only guitar and high hat playing until only guitar remains. • 5:01-6:01-Piano joins with guitar and plays a different melody that nonetheless creates a harmony that is both melancholy, and beautiful. END

  7. Listening Guide • Cold Water • 0:00-the end of Cheers Darlin transitions beautifully to the 15 second piano only entry of Cold water. • 0:15Gutire enters into the major key harmony. • 0:32 Vocals enter and the melody flows and gently increased until at 1:28 the soprano joins in the harmony. She then takes the lead vocals with the joining of percussion (high hat and snare drum played with swish sticks)

  8. Listening Guide • 2:24 Deep almost monk chant voices enter in the harmony between the soprano and tenor. • 2:49 music crescendos • 3:28 as the music gains more and more strength the cello enters and increased in timber while the pitch of the vocals and other strings continue to gain momentum. • 4:00- percussion ceases as the music moves to piano, then at 4:31 only whispers of the soprano are heard. • 4:31-Harmonic monk chants arch to bring an END to the song.

  9. Listening Guide • Making Noise • 0:00-0:44whiseling and guitar open the song. • 0:45-guire and vocals continue with the basic harmony • 1:10-A piano and maracas join to add rhythm and texture to the melody.

  10. Listening Guide • 1:25- A choir of people and a drum set with cymbals increase the tempo of the music for the chorus. Then slowly decreased again to the single guitar and vocalist. • 2:26-music bridges into the chorus again which slowly gains momentum. • 3:10- 3:40 Music reaches an arch that increased with the addition of more voices, louder piano and rhythms then decreased to whistles and the chorus. Then slowly the whistles become the only harmony in the song. END.

  11. Cold Water Video •

  12. References FAQ – Where was Damien born and where did he grow up?” Damien Rice – Biography". Allmusic Damien Rice – Official website Songs for Tibet – The Art of Peace (2 CD Set)". 12 August 2008.

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