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Queen (Bloody) Mary I

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Queen (Bloody) Mary I - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Queen (Bloody) Mary I. Queen Mary's Life. Queen Mary (Tudor) I, was born in Greenwich, England, February 16, 1516. She was baptized the next Wednesday after she was born.

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Queen (Bloody) Mary I

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    1. Queen (Bloody) Mary I

    2. Queen Mary's Life Queen Mary (Tudor) I, was born in Greenwich, England, February 16, 1516. She was baptized the next Wednesday after she was born. When little Mary was at the age of two, she got engaged to the dauphin. He was the son of the great Francis I. That is a very young age to even to have a friend. In 1526 (Mary was only ten years old) a decision was made by the royal household, and they thought that giving Mary an establishment of her own along with a council in Wales, would be an excellent idea. For a while, Mary wasn’t planning on getting married. A couple years later, Mary was to get married. Instead of the dauphin, she was now proposed to his father Francis I. In the end, they disappointingly didn’t get married.

    3. Queen Mary's Life Roughly ten years later, Mary Tudor (full name) was full of energy and certainly well known throughout England. She sustained that feeling even when her father disowned her as his child. As he tried to restore his friendship with his daughter, he gave her a household of her position in rank. Years past after her fathers death, Mary Tudor was second in line to get the throne after her brother (Edward VI). Edward was physically tired. He passed away not much longer in 1553. No arguments of(now Queen Mary I) Mary being queen. The official ceremony for Her anointment was November 30, 1553. Queen Mary I took a turn in her life that contributed to her name that we present people call her “BLOODY MARY”. Her first victim was her cousin, Lady Jane Grey. Why, because she did not want her cousin to try to overpower her. “Bloody Mary” executed her own cousin!

    4. Bloody Mary Mary wanted England to go back to Roman Catholicism, instead of Protestantism (anything other than catholic). She used force by executing hundreds of leaders of the Protestant group. That is like Looking at someone and saying you die, you die, you die, and so on. The first of the group was John Rogers (Thomas Matthews), next was Thomas Cranmer. After those victims she got the official name Bloody Mary. The rest of the people were loyal to their religion and Died for their beliefs and their way of believing.

    5. Bloody Mary's Death and Disappointments Mary tried to make the government give the people their needs. That is what the church is supposed to do. That is not the governments Responsibility. That was complete failure. Bloody Mary actually got married in 1554, to a Spanish man named Phillip II. Hardly anyone new about their marriage. Very seldom did he visit Mary. That is after the fact that he knew she would not and could not have a kid of her own. Mary had ovarian or uterine cancer. One of those deadly diseases caused Mary's death at the age of only 42. That is the round about age of your parents. Elizabeth I (Mary's kinda sister) changed almost all of Mary's Accomplishments. So Mary executed all those people for nothing. An almost wasted life.

    6. ART RAGE

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    8. CREDITS Presenter- Matthew Taylor Producer- Matthew Taylor IT- Bryan Sams Cast Queen Mary I Dracula Scary Woman

    9. Not So Happy Ever After