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Best Surrogacy Clinics in India

Kiran infertility centre is the best destination for Surrogacy and fertility treatments and advanced fertility centre in hyderabad. KIC is started to help Infertile couples from the whole of South India We offer high quality fertility treatment at the most affordable pricing. <br>KIRAN INFERTILITY CENTRE PVT LTD<br>DR.SAMIT SEKHAR<br>MAIL ID:-info@kiranivfgenetic.com<br>91 95 3340 4400

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Best Surrogacy Clinics in India

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  1. Best Surrogacy Clinic in India www.kiranivfgenetic.com

  2. The term infertility is well-defined as failure to get pregnant after a year of unprotected sexual intercourse, it very essential for the couple to have consultation by fertility specialist for complete fertility evaluation and she/he would monitor them through the appropriate examinations for exact management of their reason.  Surrogacy: Infertility treatment www.kiranivfgenetic.com

  3. Age factor which affects female fertility: The chances for pregnancy decreases and odds for miscarriage increase. At the age of 25, woman has chance of becoming pregnant during unprotected sexual intercourse. Tubal disease: The fallopian tubing carries eggs from the ovaries to uterus. When tubing is blocked by scar tissue from infection, Endometriosis, the egg and sperm cannot travel through it. Fibroids and Polyps: The fibroid that grows inside the uterine cavity is less common than other types. Any type of fibroid can affect reproductive function and may cause infertility (miscarriage). Ovulatory Dysfunction: Ovulatory Dysfunction is the most frequent cause of woman infertility and represents a problem with the monthly release of an egg. When a woman is anovulatory, she cannot be able to get pregnant because of the absence of egg to be fertilized At KIC, the infertility treatment options for, www.kiranivfgenetic.com

  4. Kiran Infertility Center

  5. Thank YOU www.kiranivfgenetic.com

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